Wrestlemania 32 has now gone down in the history books and as always there were some fabulous decisions to gift us with Wrestlemania moments as well as there were some horrible bookings which made the fans feeling scratching their heads. There are matches in which they did not pick the winners as per future perspective and it might come back to haunt them soon. Despite all the negative things there were some of the things that stood out from the rest. Here are the top 5 best moments from the show.



Stone Cold appearance

You just can’t complete your Texas tour without having, at least, one glimpse of the Texas Rattlesnake. The New Day had an odd entrance from a BootyO’s cereals pack and a night like Wrestlemania certainly deserves that. The former tag team champions have crowd reeling for them but the numbers game caught up and they got defeated by the League of Booty. LON members trash talking was on as Shawn Michaels’ music hit and it followed by Mick Foley and then by none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin in Texas! The following moments were worth a watch. Stunners and beer cans with the insane music playing in the background brought back some good old memories. Indeed, that was a Wrestlemania moment.


The Rock’s record-breaking segment

It can be summed with that ease i.e. “The Rock came, saw and conquered.” But, the only reason for booing thing for the fans in between the segments was perhaps John Cena. Maybe, that was an unnecessary help coming at Rock’s way. Apart from that, The entrance of Rock, the segment with the Wyatts, the record-breaking six-second match with Eric Rowan and finishing it off in style with the most electrifying move in all of the sports entertainment, everything was presented by him to the fans as true Wrestlemania moments.



Divas championship match

The Divas championship match was expected to be one of the best matches in the Divas championship history and it turned out to be nothing less. The three newbies from the NXT division was taken to the main roster and with their high athleticism, they managed to make it to the Wrestlemania and steal the show. The triple threat match between Charlotte, Shasha Banks and Becky Lynch was spectacular from the point of technical wrestling. The moment was made bigger when the Divas championship was replaced by the WWE Women’s championship by Lita. The grand entrances made things even special. Banks, in particular, had the grandest entry with her cousin Snoop Dogg and paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero by her ring attire. The three women stole the show aftermath and Charlotte emerged as victorious.



Shane-O-Mac daredevil acts

Shane McMahon proved why he is a legend. He stole the show and for a time, he even overshadowed the Deadman in his own playground of Hell in a Cell. This was a night where Shane McMahon proved why he was always called crazy Shane. He reminded off some good old memories from the past when he leaped off the top of the devastating steel structure Hell in a Cell and came crashing down to the announce table. Not only that, he went coast-to-coast with the trashcan in front of Taker, taking us once again down the memory lane. After the leap from cell everyone thought, Shane was out. He could take no more after that, but what he did out there, only forced the crowd to shower respect for a man who stepped inside any in-ring competition after over a decade.


Stephanie McMahon stealing the main event spotlight

No one does the villain act better than Stephanie McMahon. The role she is portraying for two decades is of a power hungry, a self-addicted villainous woman in WWE and she gave a benchmark performance at Wrestlemania. She was scheduled to play her partial role in the main event. Instead, she stole the show from the moment she appeared in a “Mad Max” costume and she was looking stunning as always. Her looks once again proved that age is just a number for her and her even louder voice echoed throughout the stadium before the match. Reigns vs. Triple H was booed all over the arena due to bad booking. Even the only time the crowd woke up from sleep between the match was when Stephanie McMahon ate a spear from Roman Reigns.



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