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Going by the latest reports, a huge return is on the card ahead of Wrestlemania 40 in the form of Rey Mysterio. WWE is already dealing with a number of injuries and other headaches that sidelined the likes of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk from the Show of Shows. Seth Rollins will make it to the event at the very last moment to defend his world title, recuperating from an injury.

In the meantime, WWE can certainly hope to receive a dependable name onboard in time for Wrestlemania 40, going by the latest reports. According to what Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has to offer, Rey Mysterio will be medically cleared to return in a matter of weeks which essentially confirms that he would be competing at the biggest WWE PLE of the year.

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Rey Mysterio originally expected to be back before Royal Rumble

This comeback doesn’t appear to be a surprise given that he was hopeful to resurface on TV around Royal Rumble in January. Rey Mysterio previously noted on an episode of K100 that he will have to slow down his ring style, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t perform at the highest level,

“I know that I’m slowing down, the older I get, but I can make things look faster just by being in the business so long, that keeps the fans the perspective of ‘he hasn’t slowed down.’ I can go out there every time and pour it out. I don’t know how to hold back.”

Following Crown Jewel in October, Rey Mysterio had to undergo knee surgery, a procedure that was necessary for his health. Due to that surgical procedure, he was written off television to give the WWE Hall of Famer time to recover. The send-off occurred courtesy of his former LWO member, Santos Escobar, who attacked him and left him out of the equation for the foreseeable future.

That being said, the option is clear for Rey Mysterio for Wrestlemania 40 upon his return to TV. With Santos finding new allies by his side and since the former LWO members are still loyal to the Master of 619, a tag team match is expected to go down at the Show of Shows.

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