A lot has happened after RAW went off the air this past week. WWE always delivers a post-RAW dark segment which is not going on air and this week was no exception but incidentally, this week’s segment may have teased some great upcoming news to say the least.

After the camera stopped rolling this week, the returning John Cena had an intense stare down with WWE world Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns which showed us a glimpse of an upcoming showdown between the two.

The face-off did not last too long as the League of Nations brethren Sheamus, Rusev and Del Rio attacked the babyfaces with chairs in hand and momentarily made them down to the ring but the eventually fought back to stand tall at the end of the segment and send the crowd home happily.

Ever since Rollins had the knee injury WWE creative had revamped their plans and since then there is a possibility of passing the torch match and the short stare down surely had teased the same. The Reigns-Cena passing the torch match is bound to happen at a certain point and the inevitable may very well happen at Wrestlemania 32. The pictures and footages are courtesy sportskeeda and AllWrestlingNews.

The much-anticipated match is a talk of the town as of now and rumors have been running rampant about the happening. Thinking of Cena’s less popularity nowadays assuredly reminds us that he has certainly entered at the twilight of his career and so penciling the match at the Dallas mega show would be a great tribute to the franchise as well as a huge boost for the Roman empire.

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