The hardcore wrestling fans were quite happy after Chris Jericho was crowned the new United States champion on Raw, this week. They think if it was not for him and AJ Styles, then 2016 was ‘never….ever going to be the same again’. Indeed it was a treat to watch Jericho weeks after week coming up with new tricks and pulling Raw on his shoulder even he is done with his prime time. Now, he has become the ‘face of America’ and might be back to establish a new face as he always does. Here’re 5 booking options for him going forward:



Sami Zayn

For some unknown reasons, this young man who has plenty of potentials has been on the hold ever since he has called on the main roster. So, what better way to pull the trigger on him by making a feud with Jericho? Nobody puts over a new talent the way Y2J does. Plus, they still have an unfinished business after having a one-off match at Clash of Champions, last year. Before leaving, Jericho should have passed the title to him which can be made more prestigious with Zayn defending it on a regular basis, much like the way that Cena did in 2015.

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