Romance has been always a hot topic in WWE. Superstars and Divas always were there to kindle the romance between themselves to give it a try. But sometimes things were not quite right and there were not enough spark to take the romance to the next level and we wonder how did the couple even managed to get into the same page? This article is about those top 5 odd couples.

You should remember WWE Diva Maria who made a name with John Cena during Edge-Lita ally in 2006. Years after that, as Dolph Ziggler was in the process to emerge as a singles competitor she dated the Show-off for sometimes before Dolph dumped her. You can’t blame Dolph as he did not stick to any woman for long times, right?

Then can you imagine The Devil’s favorite Demon to be linked with someone and that too with someone like Katie Vick? Yes, that terribly unstable pair’s love was burnt and vanished in between some kisses and weeks.


Then our very own Trish Stratus had a number of superstars in her career to be linked with but it was very odd when she paired with none other than Jeff hardy who was a long time tag team partner with her nemesis Lita. Least to say, the romance went off the air soon.

Before tying the knot with Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan had the pleasure to have some fun with both the twins inside the ring when both the twins fell for the man. Not much needed to say about the last pair as you would not even want to hear. Randy Orton first met Stacy Keibler in Mr.Mcmohan’s office in 2002 and went on to create an ally, but that did not last as he shifted stable to the Evolution which was much better I would say.


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