WWE Smackdown superstar, Aiden English is allying with Rusev to perform as a tag team. He is working as a valet to the former United States Champion to make him look a strong heel on the roster. Now, as we all know, Rusev debuted in 2014 with Lana as his manager. She was one of the main reasons that make his husband look stronger, day by day.

However, going forward, Lana wanted to perform as a solo competitor in the Smackdown women’s division. So, back in this year’s summer, she debuted on the blue brand as a singles competitor. It left Rusev alone on WWE TV for the first time in his WWE career. Quite expectedly, it went downwards ever since he got drafted to the blue brand during the superstar shakeup.

It is the reason why the officials have aligned Aiden English by his side to glorify the ‘Rusev Day’ on each night that he performs. During one recent show held in Lima, the duo appeared to perform in a match where Aiden started singing the ‘Rusev Day’ song.

In the meantime, fans started chanting Lana’s name while Rusev was competing in the match. Aiden took the microphone and informed the crowd in attendance that he is acting as a new Lana. It was the actual words came out of his mouth,

“From the ‘Nuevo’ (*Spanish for ‘new’*) Lana…It’s Rusev Day!”

Also, he also stated the crowd it was Rusev Day, and they should celebrate following which the audience started chanting ‘Rusev Day’ to make the whole atmosphere entertaining.

This type of altercations make things interesting for a certain superstar and gives the creative team new ideas for them. Both, Rusev and Lana are currently not on the good books of the officials for now and hence are given less importance on the roster.

However, they manage to stay on the headlines by posting new things on the social media. Recently, the Bulgarian Brute hacked his wife’s profile and started tweeting from it. It was a little prank from the great heel that was later posted on WWE’s Youtube channel, as well.

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