The attractive face of Renee Young was first seen on WWE Smackdown during an episode of March 2013 as a backstage interviewer. She was signed with WWE back in October 2012, though. Since her debut as an interviewer, she has been an active member of the broadcasting team of WWE. She is seen in almost every taping of WWE Raw and Smackdown and an integral part of every pay-per-view’s kick-off panel.

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If that’s not all she has been seen on WWE Total Divas in some sporadic appearances and in the coming season of Total Divas will see him as a regular cast member of the WWE Divas. has recently reported that Renee Young was interviewed by Planeta Wrestling, who asked her about a potential wrestling career to which she replied, “Not actually. Would I be open to slapping someone in the face and someone slapping me in the face? Sure. That would be funny, but I’ll always be a hoster and an announcer. I don’t really want to leave that nest.


Renee has also admitted that since her childhood days she wanted to be an actress or a comedian but finally decided to work for a wrestling promotion. WWE Universe has always loved this bubbly announcer and host who is always fresh to watch and has tremendous hosting agility.


WWE had seen in past several hosts, announcers, and managers who ended up wrestling at last. The latest example of the same is the Ravishing Russian Lana who started the career as Rusev’s manager but started pursuing wrestling career and debuted back at this year’s Wrestlemania. Some of the best Divas have decided to step into the ring after their first job was done for and Trish Stratus is the best example for that. One day we might see Renee stepping into the ring.

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