Wrestlemania 32 is gradually coming closer and it is certain that is going to be a spectacular one with some huge matches on the cards. Triple H has always been a consistent performer in the grandest stage and this year rumors are churning out about the bout that is going to happen between him and the Rock.

As Rock is in the situation to return in WWE in the near future most of the possibilities are him and Triple H ending up having a feud that leads us to the Wrestlemania match. But if in any case the match does not intend to shape up then Triple H’s second choice is Seth Rollins. The Game is quite kicked up with the thought of this feud. Reports are saying that the game had not made up his mind yet.


Though the officials are trying to put the Rock Vs HHH match but at the same time the Game is in splits with the second thought. As of now Rollins is the current WWE champion and getting the push every week to build “The Architect” persona. And if he really ends up getting the match then he would be built and kept going even stronger from now on despite the heel character he is playing right now. It all depends on how the Rock issue goes down in the future.



Roman reigns getting negative reaction:

Roman Reigns is having a tough time indeed inside and outside the ring as well as he cannot improve in the promo department. This week on Raw he got a chance with a mic inside the ring before the thunderous crowd of the windy City which went terribly wrong. The Chicago crowd literally ate him up alive with the “boring” chant. His chance of cutting that long promo was eventually and thankfully cut by Bray Wyatt of course. The officials as well were not at all happy with the promo.



Reigns even got another chance at this week’s Smackdown taping where the crowd gave him the infamous chant “what?” So the collective opinion is that to make him a silent conqueror rather than let him do with more of a talking to stop getting negative reactions from the fans. It seems like Roman had to do a lot better with the mic rather than improving his leaps and bounds to make Vince happy.



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