WWE: Big updates on The Rock and The Undertaker

Arindam Paul / 09 October 2015

After losing their biggest asset i.e. John Cena for the month of November, WWE is deliberately trying to pull back their ratings by presenting the two biggest names in that capacity.

Talk is that WWE and the Rock are having serious discussions for doing something at the end of this year. Replacing Cena is tough but surely the Rock is going to fit the bill. Also, he is moved from alumni to current on the WWE’s shop website. This is an exciting news for the fans during Cena’s time off.

It is assumed that he will be featured in the Survivor Series Pay-per-view which is the biggest in this fall period. And he will be appearing on RAW to match the level of viewership. Most likely he is going to start a feud with Triple H to make a match at WrestleMania 32 which will take several months to build up. And in addition if he is going to wrestle at Survivor Series surely the tickets and subscription is going to be on a high.


On the other hand, The Undertaker is in good shape and working more days than ever this year since 2010. So WWE is planning to keep him ready for the European and Mexican Tour. The reason behind this is he is in such a good shape and healed from his past injuries completely and he may take retire after next year’s Wrestlemania.

So it’s his keen interest to stay in the ring this time around. It will be a treat to see him in the European Tour and Survivor series. It would have been a dream come true if Undertaker vs. Sting could have taken place but then Sting’s poor performance at Night Of Champions and injury has left no choice but to cancel it.

There’s a rumour that Taker may make a feud with the monster Braun Strawman to give him a push. Whatever the story may turn out to be The Rock and Taker both are going to be a great solution to the predicament of Cena’s time-off.

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