Brock Lesnar has been over with a successful title defence at the No Mercy PPV following it up with another victory at Survivor Series PPV.

He had defended his Universal title on three occasions since Wrestlemania 33. Now that he has come out of the last PPV with his hand raised, he will go forward for a marquee match at the first dual-brand PPV of the year 2018, Royal Rumble.

As for the future for the beast incarnate, he might stop performing in live event matches on behalf of WWE Raw, going forward. The Survivor Series PPV on November 19th marked his last match for quite a while before he returns for his next feud. It is his path to next year’s Wrestlemania up to which he might hold onto the Universal Championship.

The main motto of the WWE Creative is to pit Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at the main event of Wrestlemania. So, they might let the beast continue with the championship reign, until then.

In case you don’t know, next year’s summer will mark the end of Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract. So, the writers want him to digest a loss at the hands of The Big Dog to put him over. It will cement his legacy as the franchise of the company.

On the other hand, the previous speculations suggested it would mark the end of Brock Lesnar in the WWE. He is not going to sign a new contract and pursue an alternative career.

However, Dave Meltzer predicted there is a good chance of the Conqueror to re-sign with the WWE, yet again. Check out his comments on this matter:

“I’m presuming that they’ll keep it going. As far as from [Brock Lesnar’s] perspective, why wouldn’t he? And from [WWE’s] perspective, you don’t know, but they don’t like losing top guys so I would think that they’ll keep him.”

The decision regarding the same will be on Brock’s court, for sure. Another concern for Brock Lesnar would be the drug test failure that he suffered following his last match at the UFC 200 PPV against Mark Hunt.

He suffered a suspension after this which is still intact, till date. So, the MMA promotions might not intend to welcome him back to the Octagon.

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