When Lana got injured and was sidelined she was quite a fan favorite. She was involved in a storyline with Dolph Ziggler and made the most out of the storyline but suddenly got injured. Thereafter publishing the engagement picture on TMZ delivered her some more heat in the process and made her landed in the WWE doghouse.

Apparently the same thing happened when she felt the heat once again after a Twitter battle with the ‘anti-diva’ Paige. After last week’s RAW where Paige disgracefully took Charlotte’s late brother’s name in the angle, Lana would go on to twitter and reacted by saying that Charlotte would destroy the anti-diva at Survivor Series. Paige obviously responded with her opinion.


But the upset happened when in front of the whole world, Lana would tweet that Paige once bullied her on NXT. WWE does not allow any inside news to be leaked out and once again Lana got on the wrong page by doing that. Paige gave a positive reaction and Lana deleted that tweet after that. But the screenshot of the tweet was already taken. The screenshot is given below:

Apparently she was in a good book of Vince Mcmohan since her debut in WWE and was in a process of getting a top Divas position. But her engagement with Rusev came in a very wrong time when she was in an on-screen feud with him. WWE officials went almost furious and deleted the storyline immediately. Now after this twitter battle it will be very interesting to see where does it take her to?


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