WWE: Update on Dolph Ziggler appearance at Royal Rumble
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WWE: Update on Dolph Ziggler’s one-off appearance at Royal Rumble

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Once Dolph Ziggler left the United States Championship belt just after winning it at the Clash of Champions PPV, it was thought that a major storyline angle would be reserved for him upon comeback.

It was a good idea to keep him aside from the TV tapings so that while returning he can garner all the attention from the crowd.

Plus, the inevitable angle was thought to be in-store for him where he can claim the prestigious US title that he never lost.

In reality, none of these happened for him. It was indeed a surprise to see the show-off coming back to enter the Royal Rumble PPV at number 30. But, it did not do any favor to his on-screen character as he got eliminated in quick time making no impact.

Following this, the fans of Ziggler have filed complaints on the internet letting know why his entrance as completely wasted.

Many have expected that the former world champion might be pitted to win the prestigious battle royal from this spot but that was not the case. After eliminating Goldust, he was toppled over the top rope by Finn Balor lasting for merely 1 minute and 30 seconds.

In a recent report of PWInsider.com is to be believed then the original planning for him at the dual-brand PPV was much different than the executed one. He was originally supposed to show up on the Royal Rumble kick-off show gunning for the US Championship. But, the plans were wiped out.

Check out the updates from SportsKeeda.com on Dolph Ziggler:

“The report was originally published by PWInsider and said that Ziggler was expected to show up on the pre-show and answer Roode’s United States Championship Open Challenge, but that contest would be answered by Mojo Rawley instead.”

Ziggler was also expected to appear on the post-Rumble episode of Smackdown Live but he did not feature there, too. This led to the speculations of his WWE career might be in jeopardy unless a major storyline angle gets reserved for him in-time for Wrestlemania 34.

For now, the show-off is advertised to come back on Smackdown Live competing in a matchup against Baron Corbin.

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