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WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 – Preview and Predictions 

This year’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay per view event is totally different from the previous ones. For the first time in the history of WWE the Intercontinental championship and the WWE Tag Team championships will be defended inside the Elimination Chamber.

This Elimination Chamber pay per view event also marks not to feature the WWE World Heavyweight championship inside Elimination Chamber for the first time in the history. Quite obviously, this event will be special, unique and totally different from any other Elimination Chamber pay per view events. So who will come out victorious and who are going to disappoint the fans? Let us here it from the WWE.com stuffs;

WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match

For the first time, the cruelest structure in all of sports-entertainment will house tag team action when WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defend their titles inside the Elimination Chamber on Sunday, May 31.

Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods learned of the match after retaining the twin titles against former champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd at WWE Payback.

For the members of the WWE Universe watching in the United States, the only way you will be able to watch the Elimination Chamber event on May 31 is on WWE Network.

The positive Superstars will have to defend their coveted championship against five other duos, all clamoring to become the new faces of WWE’s tag team division.

The New Day’s Payback challengers, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, will get another chance to reclaim the WWE Tag Team Titles when they take part in the WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match. Cesaro competed inside the unforgiving steel structure last year, giving the former Tag Team Champions a potential advantage in the contest.

The Prime Time Players have showcased their comedic skills over recent weeks, insulting pretty much every tag team in WWE. Now, they will get an opportunity to back up their trash talk when they battle for the titles on May 31.

The Ascension’s powerful attack could prove beneficial inside the Chamber, as Konnor & Viktor look to claim their first WWE Tag Team Title victory.

Los Matadores are no strangers to tag team title contention, but thus far, the championship has eluded them. It remains to be seen how Diego & Fernando’s high-flying offense will translate inside the 10-ton steel structure.

The Lucha Dragons have been flying under the radar as of late, but they will get to showcase their skills to the world, live on WWE Network. Can this captivating tag team win the WWE Tag Team Titles at Elimination Chamber?

Until now, the hazardous combat zone known as the Elimination Chamber has only hosted singles matches over the course of its harrowing history. Traditionally, Elimination Chamber Matches have featured a total of six Superstars, with two Superstars starting the contest and four others locked inside glass pods, entering the bout randomly and at regularly scheduled intervals. The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission.

Sportzwiki Prediction – New Day to win

Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match

The next Intercontinental Champion will be crowned on May 31, when six Superstars — Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, King Barrett, Rusev, R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler — vie for the vacant title inside the career-altering Elimination Chamber.

The previous champion, Daniel Bryan, was forced to relinquish the vaunted title on the May 11 edition of Raw, in light of recent injuries that have forced the “Yes!” Man onto the sidelines.

For the members of the WWE Universe watching in the United States, the only way you will be able to watch the Elimination Chamber event on May 31 is on WWE Network.

Never before has the Intercontinental Championship been on the line inside this inhospitable structure. What Superstars will be named contenders? And just how far will they go inside the dangerous cage, which has irreversibly altered many a Superstar’s careers, to win the storied Intercontinental Title?

In addition to being no stranger to the Chamber, Sheamus’ general temperament since returning to the squared circle has been nothing short of absolute aggression. His very nature seems to be the personification of the twisted metal itself.

After achieving retribution by making The Celtic Warrior kiss his backside at WWE Payback, Ziggler is surely charged to steal the show once again and walk out of the Elimination Chamber with the Intercontinental Title around his waist. But will the fury of Sheamus ultimately prove to be his downfall? 

The powerful Ryback has yet to step inside the Elimination Chamber, a match fitting of his destructive style. When he does on May 31, The Human Wrecking Ball’s sights will be set on capturing his first title in WWE.

Fresh off his glorious victory in the King of the Ring Tournament, King Barrett — also experienced in Chamber Matches — is more than ready to justify his rule in battle and finally recapture the title he lost in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania.

Sportzwiki Prediction – Dolph Ziggler to become new champion

Speaking of the concept of taking back what is yours, the brutal Rusev will undoubtable look to win back his pride, after he lost an “I Quit” Match to United States Champion John Cena at WWE Payback. But will his current personal drama involving Lana leave him crushed under the strain? Or will he use it to release steel-infused havoc to bring new glory to the Russian Federation. 

The wildcard of The Elimination Chamber may very well be R-Truth. The Rapping Superstar’s ability to think outside the box, coupled with his explosive in-ring style and Chamber experience, may be exactly what will win the free-for-all encounter.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Expect the unexpected when The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, challenges WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber.

Despite the champion’s wishes, the maniacal, if strategic, Ambrose secured the title opportunity on the May 18 edition of Raw when he interrupted The Authority’s “Architect of a Dream” celebration. Using the element of surprise, Ambrose managed to take Rollins hostage and threatened to deliver a Dirty Deeds to Rollins through cinder blocks unless The Authority made the championship match official. Left with no alternative, Stephanie McMahon conceded.

Ambrose spared Rollins the cinder block treatment that night, but there’s no telling if the same will be true when these former brothers in arms engage on May 31. The WWE Universe vividly remembers their gritty series of matches last year, in the wake of The Shield’s implosion. After Rollins planted Ambrose’s head through cinder blocks in a particularly vicious attack that Ambrose clearly has not forgotten, The Lunatic Fringe went even further off the rails, terrorizing The Authority’s poster child at every turn for weeks on end.

Though Rollins escaped WWE Payback’s Fatal 4-Way Match against Ambrose, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns as WWE World Heavyweight Champion — thanks, in no small measure, to the assistance of Kane and J&J Security — another win over Ambrose is far from guaranteed. To earn his way into the WWE Payback main event in the first place, Ambrose had to defeat the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a singles, non-title match on Raw.

With an unusual appetite for destruction and plenty of pent-up anger directed Rollins’ way, will Ambrose repeat his success when he challenges for the top prize in all of sports-entertainment at Elimination Chamber? Or can the ever-resourceful and boundlessly athletic “Future of WWE” continue holding onto his title at any cost?

Sportzwiki Prediction – Seth Rollins to retain

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

NXT Champion Kevin Owens sent a strong message to United States John Cena the first time they came face-to-face, laying him out with a devastating Pop-up Powerbomb. On May 31 at WWE Elimination Chamber, live on the award-winning WWE Network at 8/7 C, he’ll have to answer for his bold first impression when he faces Cena one-on-one.

Cena instituted the U.S. Open Challenge after winning the United States Championship at WrestleMania,offering a weekly opportunity for breakout Superstars to prove they belong in the spotlight. On the May 18 Raw, after weeks of heated showdowns for Cena against the likes of Dean Ambrose, Neville and Sami Zayn, among others, NXT Champion Kevin Owens seemingly arrived to accept the challenge.

With The Champ ready to defend the star-spangled championship, though, Owens brazenly told Cena they would only battle on his terms before kicking Cena in the gut and flooring him with a Pop-up Powerbomb. Owens then added insult to injury by stomping on Cena’s U.S. Title and disrespectfully standing tall above him.

Moments later, he met with Triple H, who agreed to Owens’ request for a match at WWE Elimination Chamber against Cena.

Sportzwiki Prediction – John Cena to win

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi (Triple Threat Match)

WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella will face one of her toughest challenges at Elimination Chamber, when she defends against Paige and Naomi in a Triple Threat Match. However, there is plenty of bad blood between the two challengers that may need to be settled before they turn their attention toward the champion.

The differences between Paige and Naomi go back over a month, to when Raw was in Paige’s homeland of England. The raven-haired Diva was feeling like she was on top of the world, having just won a No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal by eliminating Naomi. As she addressed the adoring British crowd, Naomi viciously attacked her, putting her out of action.

Since that attack, Naomi has unveiled a brash new attitude, going on to take Paige’s spot as No. 1 Contender. She also added some muscle in her corner, in the form of Tamina. Though she hasn’t succeeded in dethroning Nikki, Naomi has had the Divas Champion’s number in non-title action, pinning her twice in recent weeks, including a big win in a tag team bout at WWE Payback.

That victory earned Naomi another opportunity at Nikki’s title on Raw the next night. But with Nikki in position to hit the Rack Attack, Tamina leapt into the ring and delivered a staggering superkick, ending the bout in a disqualification. Naomi & Tamina began to gang up on the champion, until Paige made her long-awaited return. The Diva of Tomorrow cleared house, seemingly standing side-by-side with Nikki, until she dropped the Divas Champion with the Ram-Paige.

After a heated war of words on SmackDown, Paige found herself on the receiving end of a 2-on-1 attack at the hands of Naomi and her bodyguard. Repaying the favor from Monday, Nikki rushed to ringside and evened the odds, taking out Tamina. However, before Paige could finish off Naomi, the Divas Champion attacked her raven-haired rival, connecting with the Rack Attack and standing tall over all three Divas with her title held high. The Bella Twin made it clear that she won’t be a pushover when the three finally square off.

Sportzwiki Prediction – Nikki Bella to retain

Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas may have to answer for his underhanded sneak attacks against Neville when he takes on The Man That Gravity Forgot this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

Neville’s chance at retribution, however, could depend on the condition of his leg, which Dallas targeted in his assaults.

The WWE Universe watched in disgust as Dallas declared Neville “the little engine that couldn’t” before going after Neville’s taped-up leg. The “Bo”-tivational Superstar struck again the following week, again homing in on Neville’s bad wheel moments after the high-flyer turned back the challenge of Stardust.

Though his saccharine-sweet veneer sometimes makes it easy to forget, Dallas’ actions have revealed the man to be cruel, if not sociopathic, and the threat he poses inside the ring should never be discounted.

Not that The New Sensation is one to take Dallas’ challenge lightly, given their history with each other. Not only are both Superstars former NXT Champions (and in Neville’s case, the longest-reigning NXT Champion), but it was Dallas whom The Man That Gravity Forgot defeated in a Ladder Match to win that coveted title on WWE Network’s first NXT live special in February 2014. The stinging defeat surely resonates with Dallas to this day.

How will this showdown between two of WWE’s brightest young lions play out at Elimination Chamber? Will Neville’s leg injury prove to be a hindrance, and to what degree could it ground the most innovative and exciting aerial offense in sports-entertainment? Was Dallas’ effort to humiliate and injure The New Sensation a strategic ploy that will pay off this Sunday, or was it a grave mistake that he will soon learn to regret?

Sportzwiki Prediction – Neville to win

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