WWE: Former superstar expressed interest to make entry in Royal Rumble
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WWE: Former superstar expressed interest to make entry in Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble, Kharma, Bella Twins, Women's division

With the Royal Rumble PPV in the history books, the expectations are higher than ever from the women’s division. This is one of those exciting events where we can definitely expect to watch some shocking returns.

Over the years, this theme has made the prestigious battle royal, the most exciting contest in the entire year, perhaps.

This year, the women’s Royal Rumble match took place which witnessed a number of returns on the card making it an awesome experience. The roster is not that much heavy to fill in the 30 spots.

Hence, there were several entries made by the past superstars as well as the NXT names were needed. Almost, 11 or 12 names made surprise entrances during the match which made the match a huge occasion.

Recently, a former WWE superstar desired to be in the match. Awesome Kong better known as Kharma to the WWE fans wanted to be a part of the match. In case you have forgotten, she had a short run in the company back in 2012.

With her huge physique and the terrifying gimmick, she did use to scare a lot of people including the male superstars, as well.

Her career in the WWE was cut short due to pregnancy storyline soon after her debut. So, she wanted to come back here and especially interested to participate in the historic women’s division matchup.

She spoke with Ryan Satin in Wrestling Sheet Radio expressing her interest in the match.

According to her words, the WWE Universe deserved a glimpse of Kharma, at least one more time. This would bring a perfect closure to the horrifying character that she plays on-screen. Plus, the booking would also be a good one.

Check out updates about the comeback stated by SportsKeeda.com:

“When asked about the matchup, Kia also said that it’s “about time” the women got a Royal Rumble match and said she has been inundated with people asking if she would be in the match, but no-one from WWE had been in touch.”

She also intended to have a face-off with the Bella Twins while entering the Royal Rumble match. This face-off has ended her career from a storyline perspective.

So, it was an interesting scenario to see her seeking vengeance against these two Twins who also came back for one night. But, that did not come to fruition due to lack of planning.

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