WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw is facing consistent low rating since ESPN’s Monday Night Football has aired in September. 3.37, 3.39, 3.34, and 3.34 these was the ratings in the month of September. While the last week saw the lowest number of viewers with 3.32 million as per the Pro Wrestling Observer’s report,(lowest number for a non-holiday edition of the program) this week it has been slightly up with 3.78 million viewers. WWE has been facing this problem consistently this time around the year whenever ESPN’s Monday Night Football gets aired and it drew 14.403 million viewers around the world this week and producing even more post game controversy which can be a huge headache for the McMohan’s.

WWE is trying to overcome the problem by announcing the huge match between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar and then presenting the big gun, perhaps the biggest gun Brock Lesnar in 5th October’s RAW edition (live from TD Garden,Boston) to pull it back. But while the ratings were up with this news, it again went down as people were least interested to see Cena’s US open Challenge and The New Day in the Main Event slot. WWE is also trying to create the hype for the Hell in a Cell PPV main event by creating the hell tour of Brock Lesnar this month which already started from 3rd October live event that aired from Madison Square Garden where the beast took on the giant the Big Show and took him to the suplex city. Also as for the big match (Taker vs. Lesnar) preview WWE is preparing to present Lesnar, Taker, Shawn Michaels, Ric flair and Steve Austin all under one roof in the 19th October RAW edition.

But problems keep coming as WWE was planning something with Sting, the Vigilante, but he got injured at the Night of Champions PPV and was not cleared by the WWE doctors. Also, a huge problem arrives as WWE face John Cena wants sometimes off from now on to December-January. This was the least thing that Vince McMohan was expecting to hear this time around. So it seems WWE has a huge task in hand and has only left with the choices of the Demon Kane, Lesnar, and none but The Phenome himself, The Undertaker.

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