Last year this time around WWE had sold out the arena with an emotional saga between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The match had all the tools and emotions and it was a huge success whereas this year they are trying it with two of the not-so-regular employees in the main event to sell the pay-per-view. Though the match does sell tickets better than previous year the promotions are not up to the mark to say the least. Though WWE has a stacked card with help of which they should manage to get success this year too. Here the match-ups with the predictions.

Kick-off match – Dolph, Neville, Cesaro vs. Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett

This is quite low card match only to book some pay-per-view spotlight for these superstars. Otherwise, there is no as such storylines here. Speculations were Dolph may challenge Cena for the US title. But now this match is booked that chances are slim. Also, Cesaro is once again pushed into the pre-show which is quite sad to say the least. Sheamus is the biggest loser of them all. He has the money in the bank and still has no storyline whatsoever and ends up being in these tag matches nowadays.Superstars like Sheamus does not deserve this. Babyfaces are having the possibilities to win here.

Prediction-Dolph, Neville, Cesaro may win.



John Cena US Open Challenge

John Cena’s US open challenge will continue at the Hell in a Cell PPV which is a great way to keep the suspense, but it also shows that WWE creative planners may have come short with a plan for the Cenation Leaders. Speculations are many to show up. Big E, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler are having the chances from the main roster whereas names like Sami Zayn or recently debuted Tyler Breeze may be an option if WWE is backing them. Whoever shows up, is likely to take away the US title as Cena is scheduled to take sometimes off after the PPV.

Prediction-John Cena loses


Kevin Owens vs. Ryback Intercontinental Championship

The intercontinental championship has become irrelevant for quite a sometimes now after the Elimination Chamber PPV. No doubt Kevin Owens is a tremendous performer and makes a great champion, but he also suffers from a lack of storyline here too. As for the match goes the in-ring action should be a good one, but it will end right there as no one is going to remember it after that. Owens is clear favorite here to retain the title to create some new storylines whereas gold around Ryback’s waist will be a waste of time.

Prediction-Kevin Owens retains



The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz (Tag Team Championship)

The New Day is enjoying their day as the champions. They are almost everywhere in WWE and just conquering everyone. WWE should not ruin their momentum right now. They need the gold badly whereas Dudleyz do not need the gold to prove themselves. They can go out there and get some cheers on their own and then go on to the next PPV Survivor Series to be in the part of that traditional Survivor series match up. WW E is aware of the fact and is likely to keep the gold around the New Day.

Prediction-The New Day Retains


Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship)

Though the Divas’ Revolution is in the process still there is a one match booking for the Divas. It is going to be an average one to say the least. And Charlotte is going to retain as it would not make any sense to let her throw away the title  after winning it just a few days back. There are some subplots here, but WWE is surely going to keep that safe. Though Paige can interfere at some point to make Charlotte drop the title creating a storyline thereby which will be a good one.

Prediction-Charlotte Retains


Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell match)

The question around every PPV is that when is WWE going to push Roman to the top? And this entire feud was created for that one purpose only. The Samoan blood needs to win this one. The final nail in the feud is going to be chaotic one as these two are going to punish each other with everything they had and Bray’s stooges are coming into play at sometimes for sure. But anything less than will take Roman nowhere again and this whole feud can go in vein.

Prediction-Roman Reigns wins



Seth Rollins vs. Demon Kane

WWE is advertising the match between Seth Rollins vs. Demon Kane. The problem comes here with the word ‘Demon’ as they need something to show the thing by summing up. They know that this match is nothing but a filler for champion Rollins and corporate Kane is going to be fired from the company after that. But that will be no good for Rollins. He will clearly retain the championship but will stay as the chicken champion. The only solution is WWE may come up with some twist which will be fruitful to him in the longer run.

Prediction-Seth Rollins retains again



The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (Hell in a Cell match)

The previous matches were easy to predict. However, this one is the unlikely one to predict. The match will mark the end of a feud that is ongoing for a decade and irrespective of the winner the match will follow controversy. WWE universe is completely torn into two halves by choosing the respective winners. One portion desperately wants to see Taker win which will be a wasted one as Brock Lesnar’s momentum will be stopped and the Streak break will be wasted. But if Brock wins some will come to the conclusion that WWE has buried Taker.


As per my view, WWE should give this one to Brock Lesnar as he is left with plenty of wrestling in the coming years and will keep the momentum going for him as this one is going to be an epic win for him. But then again this decision is tough to make as one portion of the universe will be disappointed for sure.

Prediction-Brock Lesnar wins

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