WWE Hell in a Cell: 3 things that did not work

Arindam Paul / 27 October 2015

While the whole PPV was quite entertaining there were a few things that did not work out at the night. The crowd was buzzing with Del Rio’s return, one great divas match, and the vicious Cell matches. If WWE could have resolved two or three things, the PPV may come about as the best that WWE put out this year. Here are three mentions


The Story of Two Kanes

This whole storyline was absolute ridiculous throughout the start and that too for the WWE title. It was never meant for a trailblazing feud and merely a filler for Rollins to retain his title for one more month as he moves to create bigger feud come Survivor Series. But in the name of two Kane the storyline was purely boring as we all knew there was only one Kane. Even Corporate Kane’s job at stake could not create much of a hype for this match as Rollins came out victorious easily as expected.

Kevin Owens vs. Ryback

Owens won the match by the eye-racking that he used a month back at Night of Champions. Bu this match was with some different intensity from the last one. This was not even an average match having zero chemistry between the opponents. It was totally a filler for the night’s main event between Taker and Lesnar. Owens, despite the tremendous competitor that he is, makes his first title defense forgettable, thus. We wish not to extend this rivalry further, therefore.

The New Day vs. The Dudleyz

This was least expected after Dudleyz returned in a glorious way. And was not expected either from New Day seeing the roll they are in right now. Despite their momentum, the match was not at all up to the mark. That too, given the fact the hardcore legends the Dudleyz are and the name of the PPV was Hell in a Cell. The New Day ended up to a ridiculous gimmick from a tremendous entertaining team. Maybe Xavier’s’ absence was a major factor. Whatever the reason may be, the match ended up being a major disappointment.

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