The WWE championship match might sound a no contest match as Seth Rollins is clearly to emerge victoriously and the feud against Kane is a no brain idea to come up with. But as a smarter play Kane may come out as victorious and we can never say never in wrestling. Here are 5 reasons why should Kane come out victorious?


The Stipulation

The stipulation we have for the championship match is that the Director of Operations Kane will be relieved of his duties if Demon fails to win the gold. This is more than a suitable option where only the Demon persona of Kane stays which the fans want to see and he does not have to balance between both the personas. And thus Corporate Kane will be buried permanently.


Rollins need to lose

Though the gold has been around Rollins’ waist since WrestleMania and he had defended it against some of the top most superstars, but one must say that he had not been the impressive champion. Simply he was projected in the way that he cannot win without help or cheating which gives sheer adversity in his way.

Rollins is an incredibly talented athlete who needs to drop up his chicken persona and by dropping his gold he can legitimate himself as a legitimate threat in WWE and solidify himself as “The Architect”.


Break Up with the Authority

Rollins’ arrogance has showed some crack in the Authority in the past and in fact Demon Kane returned to have this title match when Seth himself attacked an injured Corporate Kane. This may be the right time to drop down the title and if that too happens with the help from Triple H and Stephanie will come as an incentive to make Rollins’ realize that the bosses do not have the best interest at heart ending the Authority storyline thereby.

Booking Requires a dominant Kane

Kane has been a true monster since his demon form returned. He not only did terrorize Rollins but also did the same to the heels present at ringside just by sitting up during the lumberjack match. This persona needs to stay for sometimes. If WWE buries that by making him lose the match what was the point of bringing back that terrorizing persona. Though WWE has not been consistent with their bookings in the recent times this may be the right time to take the right decision.



Proper adieu to Kane

Whether one like the Demon or not, his hard work in the business cannot be denied. He has been the one who had done everything for the company when wanted, where he has the option to work as a part-time or main event. With that in mind and his retirement cannot be far off WWE should plan this one last time run for him. One final run, may be the short one, would be a perfect send off for the most loyal soldier of the company. And it may create a storyline further for another superstar who can stop the monster for the final time.


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