WWE Hell in a Cell : Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker – How the feud is going to end?

Arindam Paul / 14 October 2015

After destroying Big Show twice in this month, the Beast is ready to end his Hell Tour on a high note. And quite clearly is the favorite one inside the Cell too. The Beast needs it too for a long term run in WWE.



The Feud started back in WrestleMania 30 when one of the most shocking outcomes happened and Lesnar took away the Holy Grail, “The Streak” from the Deadman. Lesnar went talking on and on about the greatest achievement of his life from then on. Taker did get his payback causing Lesnar the WWE Championship at Battleground PPV and creating the most anticipated rematch in SummerSlam history.




Taker did level the score but footages showed that Taker tapped out to Lesnar before the win which means The Phenome still lacks that one clean victory against Lesnar in his career and thereby creating this rubber match inside the cell.




The premise is definitely set for Taker to win. But at his age of 50 he may not be in the condition to stand tall against the beast that Lesnar is. Furthermore, stars like Undertaker and Sting’s days are almost over and WWE needs Cena, Lesnar as their cornerstones in future and so he should be portrayed like that. Taker fans may get upset with that as this would be his last time outing against Lesnar, but a loss to Lesnar would not effect Taker’s aura much at this point. Because whenever the music hits next time and Taker comes out in the ring the fans would forget all of that.



Or WWE creative’s may come up with another idea. Kane may lose his championship match on the same night and angry as hell he may end up entering the cell to help his brother. He too is seeking a revenge as Lesnar broke his ankle last time around. While this chaos would be going around inside the cell, The Vigilante Sting may show up to cause Taker losing the match and creating the most awaited match in WrestleMania history i.e. The Undertaker vs. The Sting. And the Lesnar may end up by getting a match with Lesnar at the coming Pay-per-views. Regardless what is waiting for both Taker and Lesnar in the future, Lesnar needs to take upper-hand in this one.



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