WWE is about to witness its biggest wedding so far

Arindam Paul / 03 February 2016

A lot of talks and news are always breaking the internet with John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship and especially after the premier of Total Divas season 5 which showed that Dolph Ziggler advancing towards Nikki once again taking advance of the situation. But, in the next episode, we saw a total opposition from Cena when he told Nikki that he would be open to marriage and has loved Nikki the most and he would think about marriage.  This is big news considering that John Cena, who did not want marriage or children, seems like he’d be willing to settle down with his lady love.

The Bella Twins were recently interviewed by the LowDown with Diana Madison, which you can watch in the video above. During the interview, Nikki was asked about John Cena possibly proposing to her, and her dream proposal. Her quote came as follows, 

“If he has asked me this season, which you have to watch, I wouldn’t wear it [ the engagement ring] until it airs. If he has. If it’s true,” Nikki said. “My dream would be in Napa Valley, in a vineyard, at one of our favourite vineyard’s too with no one around, just us. Say some amazing things to me too, make me cry a little bit. Yeah”

As of now, Cena and Nikki both are out of action after a hectic schedule throughout the last year and suffering legitimate concussions which will keep them shelved in the upcoming months. With both of them not on the road and get to spend some quality times, they both may have free time on their hands now to think about marriage and their future. We have to wait for the final news though as Nikki has confirmed that she would not wear the wedding ring until the proposing episode airs on TV.


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