WWE is renaming a finishing move and planning to bring back a retired championship

Arindam Paul / 08 February 2016

The Phenomenal one AJ Styles is a free agent around the world and after accomplishing a lot in the other wrestling franchises, has finally stepped into the big league of WWE.

He was offered further from TNA and Ring of Honor but finally had chosen WWE. Styles made his debut at as the entrant number 3 in the Royal Rumble match and got a huge pop among the fans.

Before eliminating at the hands of Kevin Owens he had an incredible time at that night and after the night where he faced Chris Jericho. Styles generally uses two finishing moves i.e. Calf Killer and Styles Clash.

But as you all know WWE has shifted its ratings to PG audiences, the “Calf Killer” name has to be tweaked somewhat as they don’t want to use the word “Kill”. So, the move will be called “Calf crusher” instead of “Calf Killer”.


Another superstar who was affected due to the PG terms is Kevin Owens as he changed his tagline “Kill Steen Kill” to “Fight Owens Fight.”

Speaking of changes, WWE is looking to make a change in the championship division as they are planning to enrich the newest members with a retired gold. Previously back in the 90’s wrestling was all about the big muscular men around the wrestling industry. But, nowadays things have changed and guys like Daniel Bryan are also eligible for becoming the franchise.

Keeping this in mind, WWE is planning to bring back the Cruiserweight division and the championship. According to the sources, WWE will hold a tournament styles series to crown a brand new cruiserweight champion. The exact details of the same are quite sketchy, but a 10-episode tournament style show featuring ‘unknown wrestlers’ is what the WWE are aiming for. The wrestlers that will feature in the tournament had never wrestled in WWE main roster and even on NXT. To utilize the underrated superstars in the company, this would be the best decision for Vince McMahon.

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