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Given their on-screen character, The Undertaker and Margot Robbie could end up forming a hell of a tag team. Both of them already have thrown praises to each other after which we can’t really rule out a collaboration especially given that The Hollywood actress has followed WWE while growing up. Plus, Taker himself proposed the same on Twitter.

During a recent event where Margot Robbie (known for her Harley Quinn character in The Suicide Squad) appeared alongside Bianca Belair for an interview session, she revealed her Undertaker fandom. While noting on women hating action sequences, she revealed that she was a huge fan growing up. In particular, he took names of The Undertaker and John Cena,

“I really have an issue with this misconception that women aren’t excited by or don’t like action or fight scenes or anything,” Robbie said. “I mean, I watched WWE growing up and my favorite was The Undertaker and John Cena, by the way, so it was crazy working with him. But imagine if I had grown up watching you [Bianca Belair] on screen. Imagine what I would have thought I was capable of doing had I grown up seeing women do all the things that I loved watching men do.”

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The Undertaker opined on the Suicide Squad actress

The Undertaker then had a chat session with Danny Directo for Entertainment Tonight who was asked about his thoughts on the Suicide Squad actress being a fan of the character. Mentioning Quinn’s flattering gestures, the man with the real name Mark Callaway stated that at the end of the day, they both are entertainers,

“Obviously, it’s extremely flattering. She’s one of the hottest actresses out there, in terms of what she’s putting out in her movies, and that whole series. It’s always cool to see people from different genres that are fans. Cause sometimes you forget, right? You’re also a form of entertainment. I thought it was really cool that she mentioned that.

Denny also asked him if The Undertaker character influences Robbie’s Harley Quinn performance and whether someday that could be brought to WWE TV. Callaway completely agreed, saying, “Oh, totally! You can definitely see it. I mean, she would be an awesome character for WWE. She’d hold her own quite well, looks like.”

WWE Legend The Undertaker On Margot Robbie, “She’s One Of The Hottest Actresses” 1

WWE Legend The Undertaker On Margot Robbie, “She’s One Of The Hottest Actresses” 2

WWE would be happy to bring Margot Robbie for an appearance on their TV to get some mainstream attention. They have already tried to bring the Harley Quinn shtick via Alexa Bliss who used to wear a Quinn-themed gear following her Smackdown debut all the way back in 2016. Hopefully, Robbie must have liked this gimmick.

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