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WWE Money in the Bank Review and Results 2015: Part 2 

If a star was born at Elimination Chamber, the mystique only grew at Money in the Bank after a defeated Owens left The Champ hobbling to the locker room. With the rivalry now split at a victory each and Cena disrespected, how long will we have to wait for a rubber match?

The Prime Time Players def. The New Day to win the WWE Tag Team Championship

The WWE Tag Team Titles are moving into prime time. Darren Young & Titus O’Neil captured their first WWE Tag Team Championship at WWE Money in the Bank, overcoming Big E & Xavier Woods’ “power of positivity” in an emotionally charged tag team battle.

The New Day were one Superstar short of their typical trio after Kofi Kingston was left battered from the brutal Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match earlier in the evening. However, this didn’t stop Big E & Woods from voicing their trademark positivity before the WWE Tag Team Title Match and championing the WWE Universe to clap for their embattled comrade.

The positive pairing of Big E & Woods didn’t seem to miss their third New Day member in the early goings of this bout, starting off the contest in dominating fashion. The athletic team combined their strength and speed to wear down “Mr. No Days Off,” making sure to consistently keep the WWE Universe at Nationwide Arena abreast of their performance.

An opportunity finally opened up for The Prime Time Players after Big E missed a spear on Young in the corner, allowing the embattled Superstar to tag in the Real Deal, who proceeded to power his way through both members of The New Day.

Big E recovered from O’Neil’s attack in time to break up a near fall on Woods, before spearing Young through the ropes and onto the floor. Back inside the squared circle, O’Neil kicked out of a pin attempt from Woods, before catching the talkative Superstar with the Clash of Titus for the pinfall victory.

Now that The Prime Time Players stand tall atop WWE’s tag team division, what’s next for this “million dolla” duo?

Big Show def. Intercontinental Champion Ryback via Disqualification

The Miz displayed his feelings for the Intercontinental Champion and the No. 1 contender at WWE Money in the Bank by attacking both Superstars during the showdown – giving Big Show the win by disqualification, ultimately allowing Ryback to retain the title.

Before the match began, The A-Lister made his way to the ring to join the announce team, first praising his home state of Ohio before berating the inhabitants.

The Miz interjected himself into the rivalry between Big Show and Ryback after hosting both competitors on Miz TV, where Ryback delivered Shell Shocked to The World’s Largest Athlete and built a great deal of anticipation for this colossal collision.

When the opening bell sounded in Columbus’ Nationwide Arena, Ryback immediately went on the offensive, taking Big Show down with a massive spinebuster and then delivering a crushing meathook. With the action spilling to the outside, The Big Guy didn’t fancy looking at The Miz during the bout and tossed the A-Lister into the timekeeper’s area.

Ryback’s brief shift in focus allowed Big Show to recalibrate and take control of the battle. Ryback tried to battle back, but Big Show caught him ready to deliver a huge chokeslam. To the shock of the WWE Universe, The Big Guy expertly applied an armbar that The World’s Largest Athlete narrowly escaped by grabbing the robes. Maintaining control, Ryback displayed his uncanny power with a massive suplex. Unfortunately for the Intercontinental Champion, it resulted in only a near-fall.

Big Show once again took control following a failed Shell Shocked attempt by hitting a chokeslam on the Intercontinental Champion. He then squared up and planted a KO Punch on Ryback’s jaw, with the force of the blow driving The Big Guy out of the ring. Ready to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship, Big Show threw Ryback back inside the ring, but before he could attempt a pinfall, The Miz attacked, forcing the referee to call for the bell. Because The Miz attacked Big Show first, The World’s Largest Athlete won the match, but the disqualification victory meant that Ryback retained the Intercontinental Championship.

Whether its jealousy or general frustration, The Miz has certainly let his true feelings about the state of Intercontinental Championship contention be known to the WWE Universe – not to mention the champion and challenger.

Divas Champion Nikki Bella def. Paige

As determined as she is to create change within the Divas division, Paige was ultimately unable to unseat Nikki Bella as Divas Champion at Money in the Bank, where Twin Magic ultimately succeeded in keeping the prestigious prize in The Bella Twins’ clutches — but not  in the way you might think.

As the entire Divas locker room looked on, Paige used a varied arsenal of submission holds to bring the fight to the egotistical Nikki, whose championship reign had soared to 203 days since Brie helped her sister secure the title at Survivor Series the previous year. Brie was conspicuous in her absence earlier in the bout, leading many to believe that Nikki was out to prove that she didn’t need Twin Magic — Nikki & Brie’s referee-duping switcheroo routine — to turn back The Diva of Tomorrow. Alas, after Nikki nearly suffered a pinfall defeat via Paige’s signature RamPaige maneuver, the deceitful champion went out to ringside and swapped places with Brie, who was lying in wait underneath the ring.

Although Twin Magic had succeeded in Paige and Nikki’s last Divas Championship clash on the June 1 edition of Raw, the raven-haired challenger turned the tables on Brie and scored a pinfall on the replacement Bella. Caught, Brie revealed her deception to the referee, and in the confusion, Nikki ambushed Paige with a big right hand, following it up with a Rack Attack. With a three-count, Nikki secured her place on the throne, proving that Paige’s passionate desire for change is no match for the machinations of The Bella Twins.

Victorious, The Bella Twins proved that when it comes to Paige regaining the Divas Championship, the sinister sisters’ entrance music rings true: You can look, but you can’t touch.

Sheamus wins the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match

After Bray Wyatt appeared from nowhere to thwart almost-certain victory for Roman Reigns, Sheamus reigned supreme over The Big Dog and five other Superstars in the 2015 Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match, and capture an opportunity at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship any time he wishes over the next 365 days.

In a contest containing three former Money in the Bank winners and four former World Champions – contenders which included not only The Celtic Warrior and Reigns, but also Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Neville, Randy Orton and Kane – it was a chaotic, ladder-slamming, organ-jarring collision from the opening bell. Moments into the bout, Kingston introduced the ladder into the ring, instantly sparking a seven-Superstar free-for-all climb for glory. (PHOTOS)

Sheamus soon took charge, demolishing several of his opponents in brutal fashion – including knocking over the ladder with Kofi on top of it. Kingston eventually took out The Celtic Warrior with Trouble in Paradise, but as he and Neville battled atop the ladder, Roman Reigns entered the fray, ultimately Powebombing first Kofi onto the unforgiving steel, then Neville onto Kingston.

In the fury that followed, Kane chokeslamed Reigns off the ladder, only to experience Randy Orton’s RKO. The Viper wasn’t done yet, RKO’ing Kofi right after and delivering a thunderous third, midair RKO upon dislodging Neville from the ladder.

Sheamus Brogue Kicked The Viper back out of action, but as he engaged Ziggler at the top of the rungs, he suffered a Zig Zag from high above. Neville then rose to hit The Celtic Warrior with an earth-shattering Red Arrow.

Kane quickly thwarted a temporary alliance between Neville and Ziggler, only to be taken out by Reigns. The Big Dog followed that up moments later by leaping over the top rope and onto all of his opponents.

With all seven Superstars down, Big E and Xavier Woods emerged to help fellow New Day member Kingston into the ring. Yet as they watched their brother-in-positivity start his climb on the rungs, Reigns took them both out and Powerbombed Kofi over the top rope, onto all the Superstars outside the ring.

After Spearing Orton, Reigns climbed up the ladder and was poised to win the match.   That is, until Bray Wyatt appeared from nowhere. The New Face of Fear hit Sister Abigail on The Big Dog, and for all intents and purposes robbed Reigns of a WWE World Heavyweight Title contract.

With Reigns down and carnage in every direction, a struggling Sheamus entered the ring and climbed the rungs, stopping a last-ditch effort by Neville to seize the briefcase up top. For the next year, The Celtic Warrior has amonumental chance at another WWE World Heavyweight Title.

R-Truth def. King Barrett (Kickoff Match)

King Barrett’s imperial reign hit an impasse at WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff as R-Truth defeated the kingly Superstar in what many will consider a royal upset.

Before the match, R-Truth proclaimed that by defeating Barrett he would cement himself as the new King of WWE, a claim that Barrett strongly disagreed with while cockily strutting to the ring.

Truth kept Barrett at bay in the early-goings with his illusiveness, before Barrett’s hard-hitting offense finally gave him the upper hand. Barrett wore down his opponent with a barrage of holds, but proved incapable of stopping several spurts of offense from Truth during the latter stages of the match.

Finally though, Barrett connected squarely with a kick to Truth’s gut, leaving him prone for the dreaded Bull Hammer. However, proving to be ever scrappy, Truth evaded not one, but two of the King’s Bull Hammer attempts. A now visibly frustrated Barrett attempted to catch Truth off guard with his signature Winds of Change, but Truth was able to reverse the move into a clever roll-up to pick up the victory.

Following the win, Truth immediately began parading around the ring, declaring himself the new King of the Ring. After promising to make the commentary team members of his new royal court (Michael Cole as the court jester, anyone?), Truth did not hesitate to adorn himself with Barrett’s crown and begin celebrating with it atop his head.

The party was short-lived, however. The King soon came to and confronted R-Truth, who after a few very uncomfortable seconds subsequently threw the crown back to Barrett before scurrying away up the ramp. A royal mess may just be beginning to brew between these two.


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