WWE Backlash 2016 will take place from Richmond, VA, this Sunday. It will always be historical since it is the very first PPV in the company’s history which is brand specific. Smackdown is starting the tradition with this returning PPV.
WE already have a stacked up match card for the event. But we always can expect swerves from WWE to make the event more memorable Here are 3 of them.

Usos wins the tag team title
WWE has taken the right most decision by turning the Usos heel. Despite being the veterans in the division they were not getting the attention they needed. Turning them heel is a long time coming and don’t be surprised if they come out victorious at Backlash. At this time, Slater and Rhyno are the favorites to win the tag team championship, but they can wait till next time. Usos can come out as the first-ever tag champs in the Smackdown division to start the feud with American Alpha.

Ziggler to turn heel
A possible heel turn for Ziggler might be on the cards at Backlash. The Miz would continue with his never ending reign of Intercontinental championship by beating Ziggler. Ziggler is already frustrated with failures and would take no time to turn heel and interfere the world championship match between Ambrose and Styles. By costing Ambrose his championship, he would be right back into the title picture and make it a triple threat match, at the next PPV for Smackdown i.e. No Mercy.

Carmella wins the Women’s title
As per genuine thoughts, either Nikki Bella or Becky Lynch would come out victorious as the new Smackdown Women’s champion. But, don’t be shocked if Carmella is the one walking out with the title. Carmella just dominated Nikki since her return. For consecutive three weeks, she delivered sneak attacks to the former Divas champion and has the strongest momentum by her side. Furthermore, giving her the title and the make either Nikki or Becky chasing her for the title would make her look even stronger than ever.

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