Last night’s Smackdown saw an epic matchup between two of the all-time greats around the pro-wrestling circuit. It was Randy Orton and AJ Styles locking horns for the first time ever to determine the number one contender for the WWE championship.

Randy Orton turned on his master, Bray Wyatt last week to challenge him for the title at Wrestlemania. On the other hand, AJ Styles has earned the right to be called the number one contender for the prime championship in the WWE. This led to a contest between these two to determine the ultimate challenger for Wyatt.

Now, AJ Styles lost the match after Randy Orton connected with his signature RKO. His dream of main eventing Wrestlemania was shattered even though he earned the right not once but twice, as per him.

Once Smackdown went off the air, he was visibly seen frustrated with his spot being taken away. While walking into the gorilla position, he confronted Shane McMahon and blasted him, verbally. Shane-O-Mac had a face-off against him leading to a physical altercation between the two of them.

The Phenomenal One was mad after what transpired on the show and wanted to get his hands on the commissioner. On the other hand, Shane lost his cool telling that Styles had his opportunity which he blew after the Viper pinned him.

As you can see in the footage both of them needed to be separated by the creative heads, Michaels Hayes and Road Dogg. Raw announcer, Michael Cole was also spotted in the scene.

It is assumed that we will see some major fallout with this altercation on the next week’s episode of Smackdown. The Wrestlemania rivalry between these two has started will culminate into a mega match.

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