AJ Styles arrived in the WWE as part of the Royal Rumble 2016. After performing around the globe in various promotions, he was finally able to come to the pinnacle of sports entertainment. The fans were more than pleased to witness him on the main roster. With just one and a half year in the WWE, he is said to be one of the cornerstone superstars of the company, right now.

There’s a reason why the fans keep on chanting his name throughout on every Tuesday Night. Ever since the brand split took place, he was the one to carry it by showing up every single week. Literally, he has become the franchise player of the brand, there.

Athletically, he is the best-ever that WWE might have seen after Shawn Michaels had departed. There’s no issue whether he’s a face or a heel, the crowd is always on their feet for the Phenomenal One.

Recently, AJ Styles appeared in an interview with Bailey and Southside on Rock 100.5 in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia where he was asked about his concerns about coming to the WWE, for the first-time ever. He let his opinion know how it feels to be part of the WWE locker room.

The former WWE champion stated that he gelled along with Samoa Joe and Charlotte Flair, pretty well. Joe was his long term friend since they both worked at TNA. Later, Joe signed with WWE NXT whereas Styles came here spending sometimes at the NJPW.
In the case of Charlotte, he knew her earlier since their training days. So, she really helped her to get accustomed to the locker room staffs. This is the reason why we often see AJ Styles and Charlotte getting into funny banters in the backstage area on a random basis.

“The Face that runs the Place” has also claimed that when it comes to professionalism no other promotions comes closer to the WWE. He has worked almost everywhere in the WWE but never treated well like this. So, he compared the company as the major league of the baseball.

But, remembering his first night in the WWE, he quoted the following stating how much scared he was:

“When you go from one locker room to another, everything changes because you’re the new guy. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the ring or this whole wrestling thing.”

But, it was the superstars’ attitude which helped him a lot to feel easy. At this time, he is set to compete in his first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match.

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