Paige and Del Rio both were not happy with their positions in the company for a long time. In addition, WWE has decided to suspend them within a span of just a few hours. Being a first-time Wellness Policy Violator, they both got suspended for 30 days.
There’s was no confirmation on behalf of WWE, for what actually they got suspended. But, it was speculated that they were accused of the same drug since they are a couple. However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that they were not suspended for the same drug.

A fan on Twitter asked Paige’s mother, Saraya Knight, whether the supposed drug was cocaine or not. She denied the rumor by saying that it was not a factor. Meltzer later revealed that he never mentioned it as cocaine. He did not mention any drug in particular in the case of Paige. WWE does not declare the drug in public for which the superstars gets tested positive.
The veteran journalist also mentioned that Paige is only 24 and still left plenty of wrestling inside her before leaving. So, unless WWE terminates her contract, she is not going anywhere after her suspension is over.

In the case of Del Rio, he has a certain clause in his contract which would allow him to leave in the month of September. Once the suspension gets lifted he might use it and bids adieu to the company. Or, if the superstar comes up with the clause in between his suspension days, we have already seen Del Rio’s last in the WWE.
Both Paige and Del Rio was very much open since they were seen together first in the month of May. The rumor mill suggests that WWE was not very happy with this. Adding to that was the shocking suspension news from WWE which came on the day of Paige’s 24th birthday which further fuelled the rift rumor between WWE and the couple.

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