WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Reveals Bitter Relationship With Paige’s Family 1

It is known to the whole pro-wrestling world by now that Paige and Alberto Del Rio did not have a smooth relationship, for sure. They were not only targeted by the fans, social media or the WWE but also by Paige’s family. The former Divas Champion’s father has always been much vocal about Del Rio not being a good man. Recently, the Mexican Superstars revealed the relationship he shared with the in-laws.

Paige’s father, Ricky Knight wrote an open post on the social media platform about not being happy with the age difference between her daughter and the former WWE Champion. Also, Del Rio had always been known as a ‘bad boy’ of the WWE who had bad temperaments. So, Ricky was really concerned about his daughter’s well-being while she was dealing with an injury and away from WWE.

This bitter relation continued except for sometimes when Paige had undergone a surgery. Recently, Alberto Del Rio appeared in an interview with ‘keeping it 100 with Konan’ to elaborate how he helped the promotion run by Paige’s parents at a time when their show was supposed to be ruined by WWE,

“They said that WWE was trying to ruin their anniversary show in Norwich, England when WWE was going to be there, and the dad was devastated he was crying, and really depressed. I said to them, you know what, you are my family now, I will take care of it. I ended up calling my great friend Rey Mysterio and I got Rey Mysterio for free to work the same show with me.”

The former WWE Champion had a great respect for Paige’s dad despite what he thinks of him, now. He also alluded that he misses that great guy. Apart from Ricky, Del Rio also opened up about the brothers of Paige, Zak, and Roy who spoke against him, too.

Apparently, the two brother-in-laws of the Mexican Aristocrat continued non-flattering comments about the relationship between Paige and Del Rio. They even accused the latter one of beating down their sister in a false way even after knowing the reality. According to Del Rio,

“He just had a personal agenda against me to say the things he said. He said that he posted those things on Social Media because he cares about his sister, but he never called her before or after Paige had surgery.”

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