Alberto Del Rio had a rough time in WWE since he returned back in last year’s Hell in a Cell PPV. He’s not being strongly booked since then and literally lost in the midst of the fresh talents on the roster. It was earlier reported that the Mexican aristocrat is not too happy with his current status with WWE. With both parties not coming into the same page, Del Rio is not looking to extend his contract. His current stint with WWE ends in October and he is willing to leave, after that.
Things get even worse after WWE decided to suspend him past week due to the Wellness policy violation of the company. However, he was supposed to be in the happy zone in his personal life since he got hitched with WWE Diva Paige since this year’s May. But, WWE did not take it easily, either and decided to separate the couple during the WWE Draft. The worst part now is Paige, too is suspended from the company along with his beau. Plus, she is healing from a legitimate injury which may cause her career.

The troubles for them are supposed to continue since Del Rio’s wife Angela Velkei filed papers for divorce claiming that Del Rio cheated on her. The case was filed in the court dated back in the month of June. The file stated that they have ended their marriage on May 27th, 2016.
Velkei’s attorneys Raymond Rafool and Richard Orsinger wanted orders from the judge to allow limited contact between the couple. Both Del Rio and his wife want full custody of their three children and the properties. However, the judge is yet to declare any announcement regarding the proceedings.
Mexico’s Greatest Export has a certain clause in his contract which would allow him to leave WWE in the month of September. Once the suspension gets lifted he might use it and bids adieu to the company. Or, if the superstar comes up with the clause in between his suspension days, we have already seen Del Rio’s last in the WWE.

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