WWE News: Alexa Bliss Accused WWE Superstar for Copying Her

Arindam Paul / 13 January 2018

The faction comprising of Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan made their main roster debut during the post-Survivor Series episode of Smackdown Live. By attacking several female superstars on the night, they delivered a massive statement. One of them, Becky Lynch was out of action for quite a few weeks that earned them a lot of momentums.

Liv Morgan is the one amongst these three who is the hot favourite amongst the WWE Universe. She certainly has the glamour that demands attention from the fans. So, when it comes to social media sites, there are plenty of followers for this former NXT superstar who was used less in a wrestling capacity.

Meanwhile, from the get-go, she was accused of copying some of the female wrestlers from both Raw and Smackdown. In case you have noticed her in-ring gears, you would find similarity with the earlier ones that Carmella used to wear. So, these two had been part of an altercation on the social media using this.

The latest edition of WWE Smackdown witnessed Live Morgan copying another superstar. This time around, it was none other than the goddess of the WWE herself, Alexa Bliss. The similarity was observed in her hairstyle. There were two pony-tails with the same pink-shade that was innovated by the Little Miss Bliss.

So, the current WWE Raw women’s champion addressed this on Twitter accusing Morgan of stealing her looks with the statement, “Pink pigtails … where have I seen that before?”

She was supported well by her real-life best-friend who stated that she has been on top of the WWE career for a long time. So, the emerging superstars are bound to copy her. Additionally, the Samoan superstars also praised Alexa for achieving so much in the WWE in a short time. It was a great example of support shown by a good friend. These two are besties as we use to see on Total Divas.

It is true that Alexa Bliss has ruled the entire 2017 with multiple championship reigns on Raw and Smackdown. So, it’s no wonder that she would get imitated by certain fans as well as the superstars.