Almost a year ago, the WWE Draft returned to split up Raw and Smackdown like back in the days. This was done to emphasize more on the individual superstars and hand them with more opportunities. Apart from the main roster superstars, several superstars from NXT were also called up on both the brands. Names like Finn Balor, Nia Jax, American Alpha, Carmella, Mojo Rawley, Alexa Bliss joined the main roster as a part of it.

Now, if we have to choose one name from the above list as to pick who has been the most successful after coming to WWE’s mainstay, it will definitely be the last one mentioned. We might have least expected to see Alexa Bliss getting success after getting drafted to Smackdown especially considering the incredible agile athletes filling up the roster.

But, “little miss bliss” has proved us all wrong with her talent. She is not matched up with the other female superstars considering her size but she can definitely make it up with her attitude and fierce promo. She is definitely the goddess of the promo in the company and no one can beat her with the mic.

So, it did not take her a long time to get over with the crowd and earn three Women’s Championships in a year’s span. There’s a reason that the WWE Creative has made her the first-ever Raw and Smackdown Women’s title-holder and that’s because she is considered to be the future of the company.

In order to make her title reign look good, the writers of the show tried as much as they could. Even, in an interview with Great Day Houston, Alexa Bliss revealed an adorable story that the officials did exclusively for her.

As we all know, she is smaller in comparison to the other female members in the WWE. So, the Raw women’s title belt did not fit to her waist. She felt problems while carrying it to the WWE shows. So, the officials actually made the strap short so that it can be a perfect fit for her. Check out the confession in Alexa’s own words,

“This is the RAW Women’s Championship. What’s funny is – this is a little backstage information – the championship had to be shortened for me because it was so big on me, they actually had to take off size to let it fit me. But that’s why I’m ‘Five Feet Of Fury.”

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