The fallouts from last week’s Smackdown are still continuing, big time. A rap battle was contested between The Usos and The New Day. The American rapper, Wale was present on the show to host the contest between the two teams who will lock horns at the Battleground PPV for the tag team championships. Many considered the segment as one of the bests in recent memories as the way it has gone down.

Besides this, The Usos dragged the scandal between Xavier Woods and Paige mentioning it indirectly on live television which was a bombshell. Being a PG company, WWE has never addressed the leaked media contents featuring those two WWE Superstars, ever. So, quite expectedly the IWC was discussing whether it was scripted or not.

Now, Mega Ran who was also present during the rap battle and considered as a friend of Xavier Woods revealed that the Usos has never shown their lyrics script to the New day prior to the show, at backstage. So, the Unicorns had no idea of the pipe-bomb that was about to hit them on live television.

The rapper continued saying that once the final script was given to both the teams, The Usos asked whether he can use the Paige reference on Gorilla Position. That was approved at the very last moment when they were heading to the ring. So, Woods did not know that his personal history will be used during the rap battle. Check out his words, here:

“For everybody who’s asking me, I did not write rhymes, I just kinda sat and listened. I helped them with their deliveries and getting down the cadence and stuff.”

In the meantime, the next episode of Smackdown Live will be hosted by in San Antonio, Texas which is the home town of Paige’s fiancée, Alberto Del Rio. The former Divas Champion also resides with Del Rio, here. So, the current GFW champion sent an open challenge to Triple H and the Usos for insulting his girlfriend on live television.


A post shared by Alberto El Patron (@prideofmexico) on Jul 8, 2017 at 2:31pm PDT

In a post on Instagram, he invited the COO of WWE and the Smackdown tag team champions to come and see him at his restaurant. He provided the details of the venue with the timing, as well. This is not the first time that Del Rio went on a rant against The Game for misusing Paige in the WWE. You can check out the post as given above.

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