The Cruiserweight Championship had change hands on multiple occasions over the last few weeks.

On September 24th during the No Mercy PPV, the title was on the line, as the then champion Neville defended it against Enzo Amore. The new member of the 205 Live roster kicked into the groin area of Neville to snatch his title while the referee was not looking.

With the title around his waist, Enzo Amore was able to take the Cruiserweight division below the spotlight. For three consecutive weeks, this division featured in the main event scene which was quite incredible. So, we have thought that Enzo will continue to be the champion since the ratings were up for the 205 Live show.

But, proving us wrong, the championship changed hands, once again on this past edition of Monday Night Raw. Another new member of the division, Kalisto took the title away from the Certified G which was an unpredictable move from the creative team. There’s a strong reason why the title changed hands, once again. earlier reported the original schedule of this match to happen was at the TLC PPV. But, the script was rewritten multiple times on Raw due to Neville walking out of the show. The King of the Cruiserweights was the one to feature in a title match against Enzo on that night.

Due to the walkout, Kalisto replaced Neville, and the TLC match got preponed. However, till then, Enzo was not scheduled to drop the title. But, the rewritten scripts planned the alteration considering that it was Eddie Guerrero’s birthday on that night. Since Kalisto belongs to the Lucha culture of Mexico, WWE wanted to pay tribute to the legendary Latino Heat with this move.

Following the title win, WWE uploaded a video on their Youtube channel where Kalisto paid tribute to the likes of Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for being his inspiration. He was proud to make his predecessors proud. A similar post was given on his Twitter handle, as well. The masked Luchador is all set to defend his title at the TLC PPV against Enzo Amore in the rematch.

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