WWE News: Big E And AJ Lee Engaged In A Funny Altercation On Twitter

Arindam Paul / 06 June 2017

In case you don’t know, Big E, the cornerstone of The New Day was the best of friends with former Divas Champion, AJ Lee.

It was Big E’s presence which helped AJ to continue her reign as the title-holder for 392 days. Big E used to be her protégé for a number of days during the beginning of her championship reign.

These two go back way belonging to the NXT batch in the year 2012. Both of them were part of the WWE’s developmental territory and came to the main roster almost at the same time. They worked for Dolph Ziggler for a long time when he became the world champion. Later, they moved forward with their own storyline.

Now, recently on Twitter, Big E and AJ Lee ended up having a funny banter over a matter that happened on live television almost four years ago. As posted on a picture on the social media site, the incident happened on one episode of Smackdown when Ziggler, AJ and Big E were making their entrances.

Big E was throwing his hands into the war in order to have some warm-up. He did not notice that AJ was standing right behind him. So, one of the hand shot went straight and hit at AJ’s throat.

The Crazy One felt a lot of pain considering Big E’s hand-size measures up to a hammer. But, she did not react, at all considering it was on live television. It would have broken her on-screen character.

The incident was remembered by a fan on Twitter and got noticed by both Big E and AJ. Big E noted that it was way back but it was pretty. Upon which the fan re-tweeted that it was AJ’s credit that she did not break her character on live TV.

AJ took the fan’s side saying that the pain that she felt on her sternum lasted longer than thought. So, it was just yesterday for her. One of the all-time great Divas champions is happily retired from professional wrestling spending time with her husband, CM Punk.