Ever since Wrestlemania was over, WWE was importing fresh blood to the roster and making proper use of them with an impactful storyline which reflected in the event ratings. Whereas the new talents were filling up the roster, the sudden absence of some veterans raised questions among the fans. Big Show is one of them who have had just a handful number of appearances since then.
With what he had gone through in his illustrious 21-year-career in the company has made him a legend. Though, social media is always upto cracking jokes at the man regarding his retirement or the number of times he has turn face or heel.

He was a mainstream performer until Wrestlemania 32. In the grandest stage of them all, he had a face-off with another big man Shaquille O’Neil in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal which was won by the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin. Big Show had a rich history with the former NBA legend and since that meeting WWE has teased a future showdown between these two goliaths at some point.
If going by the latest reports, then WWE has sketched the plan of having the Show vs. Shaq match at the 33rd edition of Wrestlemania from Orlando, Florida. Eventually, this is supposed to be his last match in the company.

In a recent appearance 790, The Ticket, in Miami, Big Show declared that this is going to be his last year in the WWE which means he will get less screen time. Since he has been a loyal employee to the company, they very well want to him to have a proper send-off. So what better way to make him face the big Shaquille O’Neil? Meanwhile, he has spoken that he is in the best shape in 44 rather than his 34 years age and rightly so as you can see in the above picture. He has lost quite a few pounds during his hiatus from WWE.

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