Dolph Ziggler has always been considered as one of the veteran performers in the WWE. He’s been around here for over a decade now with stealing the show ‘every damn single night’. However, his fans have always had a complaint with WWE over him being used as an underrated performer.

Signing with the WWE in the year 2008, he has always been a mainstay performer on both Raw and Smackdown brand. This earned him two world championships, six Intercontinental Championships, and a one-time reign with the United States championship. However, he was never able to cement his spot as the main eventer superstar that he should be.

This is the reason why there are some rumours flying around the internet stating that there will be a time when Dolph Ziggler will have no choice but to leave the company, at one point. At this time, there are fewer chances that he would become the world champion, once again with various younger talents waiting to hold it.

The same concern was voiced by Shinsuke Nakamura, recently. The Artist was present on the Talking Smack show once Smackdown Live went off the air. This was his first appearance on the show exclusively hosted on the WWE Network.

On the show, the host Renee Young asked him about his Smackdown opponents’ potential calibre. While speaking of Dolph Ziggler, the King of Strong Styles might have crossed the line and disclosed too much about what’s in store for the show-off.

Nakamura was predicting about the future of Ziggler and revealed that he is intending to go to Japan, for a few months to perform there. Although there has never been a friction between the WWE creative and the show-off for not getting the spotlight, it is expected that he would leave the company in near future in order to perform in one of the Japanese promotions.

It is fact that the contract of Dolph Ziggler will be up for expire, soon. With Nakamura revealing this, there are sheer possibilities that the former IC champion heads to the east to rejuvenate his career, to a certain extent. When it comes to pure wrestling, Japan is the best place to showcase it. So, Ziggler who is Hall of Famer in Amateur Wrestling would certainly be exploring new opportunities.

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