WWE News: Braun Strowman Fired and Rehired on Raw

Arindam Paul / 16 January 2018

Last night’s WWE Raw opened with a video segment from last week’s episode. In case you have forgotten, Braun Strowman brought utter chaos to the show portraying his inhuman strength. He attacked both Brock Lesnar and Kane, at the same time at the backstage area. As seen in the video footages, he drove a metal frame onto the both his opponents to hurt them bad.

As per the updates were given on WWE.com, this attack hurt both of the participants of the Royal Rumble match. As part of the kayfabe storyline purpose, they were kept off the show, this week from San Antonio. It was an expected move from the officials to bring them back, next week at the go home show for Rumble.

So, the monster among men kicked off the night right where he left off the show, last week. Mentioning the carnage created by him, he vowed to bring some more to the show that received huge cheers from the crowd. He also added that he plans to win the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble match.

However, Kurt Angle arrived the scene with many security guys to assure his safety. He informed that Braun Strowman is the reason why the locker room is no more considered to be a safe environment. So, just like acting a corporate authority, he fired the behemoth from the flagship show’s roster.

Braun Strowman is not someone to mess around, although. So, he went on to wreck the havoc on Kurt Angle’s show, throughout. He destroyed multiple superstars and employees at the backstage area and even tipped off a production truck which was an incredible scene on WWE Raw. It left the Raw commissioner to interfere and rehire him back. Check out confirmations from WWE.com,

“All of this devastation led to Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon pulling rank on her beleaguered General Manager and ordering The Monster Among Men rehired. Angle enacted her wishes just in time, as Strowman had Michael Cole in hand at the commentary table when The Olympic Hero emerged to give him his job back, including his position in the Universal Title Triple Threat Match.”