Bray Wyatt might have been the one who fell victim of the worst booking despite being the mainstay on both Raw and Smackdown for the last four years. During his debut back in 2013, it was expected that he would end up being the biggest heel on the roster. With The Wyatt Family by her side, it was just a matter of time that he would have gone to the title picture.

However, that did not turn out to be the case as he was given the role of a jobber around all of his marquee feuds in the past. His first singles title reign would have to an abrupt end at the hands of the Viper, randy Orton at this year’s Wrestlemania. It was really unfortunate for a wrestler like him who has plenty more left to prove in his career.

He was drafted to Monday Night Raw during the Superstar Shakeup, in April. Till date, he is not involved in any of the major feuds. That might change starting from tonight’s show which will start to build the matchups for the upcoming Raw PPV, Extreme Rules.

As per the creative, he is either renewing his feud with Roman Reigns or going after Finn Balor. The scenario would be clear once Raw comes live, tonight. Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt commented on his title reign by appearing in the Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast,

“I think people expected it of me and I definitely expected it of myself and it was everything that I wanted to obtain. It is huge for me. It has made my life’s work complete.”

Also, he indicated the exact time span that he will continue to wrestle in the circuit by stating:
“There’s a lot of stuff I have to do yet. It’s just (winning the world title) was something very important to me and this is something that will cement me. Forever I will be remembered as something special, but my body is ready to roll for another 15 years, so I’m not looking at stopping. I’ve got a lot that I want to do and a lot that I want to achieve.”

The Eater of the world also informed that Paul Heyman was the one to let him know that he is the one in his family to win the world title. Also, he intended to feud with AJ Styles and Seth Rollins for the WWE championship in the future.

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