Brock Lesnar has hurt Randy Orton during their mega match at Summerslam and the referee had to call off the match. Lesnar was given with the win, via TKO. As per the reports, Orton got busted open with Lesnar’s elbow right into Orton’s head. He had received 10 stitches in his head after the match.

Lesnar created havoc inside the ring in this PG Era. He went too far and beyond the script while attacking Orton. The elbows were supposed to be scripted but Lesnar got into his MMA mode turning completely vulgar.

Stephanie McMahon took the next step by fining the beast $500 for his outrageous actions. WWE officials were not happy at all with the incidents. Here’s the official statement came from WWE. (courtesy

“Brock Lesnar’s brutal SummerSlam main event assault on Randy Orton has cost The Beast Incarnate $500.

Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon confirmed on Monday night that Lesnar would face repercussions for his vicious actions against The Viper at The Biggest Event of the Summer. The WWE Universe learned on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live Pre-Show that the $500 fine was set by Stephanie.

Is the fee enough to satiate SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon’s peace of mind for the heinous act inflicted upon one of his show’s top Superstars? Is this seemingly paltry sum an insult to Shane and SmackDown Live?” 

Brock Lesnar is also temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission following since he was tested positive twice on June 28th and July 9th for the substance, hydroxy-clomiphene. Lesnar cannot appear in the UFC events, as of now. Though, WWE has not clarified whether he will be suspended from WWE or not.



The beast incarnate returned to the WWE scene prior to the WWE Summerslam event to have a “15-years-in-the-making” match against Randy Orton. He gave a dominant performance in the match and finished his beat-down by giving a vicious F-5 to the Smackdown General Manager, Shane McMahon. This supposed to be his upcoming feud with Smackdown’s commissioner. However, no fall-outs have been brought by WWE, till now.

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