The match between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar was one of the most memorable ones for the fans. WWE wanted to make the first-ever Great Balls of Fire PPV, a remarkable one and planned accordingly for it with the mouth-watering main event in store. These two extremely physical competitors collided in a singles contest for the Universal Championship.

The match turned out to be exciting with Joe attacking Lesnar right before the beginning. The champion punished his opponent by taking him to Suplex city on numerous occasions but the latter kept coming back. At one point, it looked like that the beast might pass out with the Coquina Clutch locked in, tightly.

But, Brock Lesnar recuperated, all of a sudden and hit Joe with a devastating F-5 to win the bout and retain his title. The crowd was shocked after seeing the inhuman power of the conqueror and the way he walked out with the championship.

As per the reports from The, the reigning, defending champion is happier the way the match was contested. He was extremely happy with the efforts made by the Samoan Submission machine in his first-ever prime championship match.

Plus, he also went to say that how much Joe matched up to his physical style and worked during the bout, accordingly. The source stated that Lesnar was “particularly thrilled that Joe was able to keep up with his physical style and was able to give it back.” This is a major compliment from the beast incarnate since he does not utter a word about his opponents, in general.

With that being said, the possibilities of a rematch between Joe and Lesnar can’t be wiped out. It was previously reported that if the creative is happy then they might go forward with this championship match at Summerslam, as well. In the current scenario, this is the likely main event for the August-PPV, as well.

Joe will lock horns against Roman Reigns on next week’s Raw to determine a number one contender for the Universal Championship. Under the mentioned circumstances, the Destroyer is the favourite to win this match via a clean victory or Strowman providing distraction, once again. This will be a perfect set up for the Summerslam main event between Lesnar and Joe.

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