WWE News: Chances of Kurt Angle returning to WWE

Arindam Paul / 04 June 2016

Previously it was reported where Kurt Angle was keen to return to WWE on a part-time basis. He even showed interest to work with some NXT rookies to form “team Angle” as the team would allow him to wrestle again with a suitable storyline and he will be available on the pay-per-views only. He even had the intention to have a match with Daniel Bryan if possible.
Now, Wrestling Observer Radio’s latest installment Kurt Angle’s returning situation was raised by a listener. The veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer claimed that Kurt Angle is a national hero and the fact could restrict him from returning in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

It is known to everybody that Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medalist but on the other hand he is also an injury prone wrestler and at his age it is the biggest constraint that would bar him from a dramatic return to WWE. Vince McMahon would be least interested to see him getting a concussion sooner or later after landing in the company.
It would also be a risky move for the company considering the number of injuries that the company has faced this season. Also, considering the type of wrestling has changed for a while now and became stiff than previous days causing serious troubles for the wrestlers. Kurt Angle at his age and not the best in shape could end up picking up a serious injury. As per reports from wrestlinINC.com that, Meltzer also added that if Angle indeed wants to wrestle back in WWE he would agree to show up for in-ring action once or twice in a year, much like to the undertaker. So, will Vince McMahon agree with these terms and conditions? Possibly, the answer is no.

The decision still totally stands whether Vince McMahon considers hiring him or not. So, the fans still does not have enough reasons to get excited with and continue with the Roman Empire, as of now. Meanwhile Angle is booked against recent WWE release Cody Rhodes will take place on 27th August at Dutchess Stadium in New York, according to wrestlingINC.com.

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