WWE News: Charlotte Flair Wants To Break Asuka’s Streak

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WWE News: Charlotte Flair Wants to Break Asuka’s Streak 

WWE News: Charlotte Flair Wants to Break Asuka’s Streak

The Undertaker’s streak was once considered to be the holy grail of the pro-wrestling business.

This had come to an end during Wrestlemania 30 at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Following that, the company has created another streak in the women’s division that is held by Asuka. Ever since her debut at NXT in 2015, this woman has not lost a match which is quite incredible.

She held the NXT women’s championship for a record 523 days. On her way to the title reign, she broke the record of Goldberg’s record of being unbeaten for a straight 173 matches.

Also, CM Punk’s reign with the WWE Championship for 434 days also shattered. But, there will be a time when this streak will also be broken. The question is who is going to be the one to do the unthinkable.

Recently, Charlotte Flair opened up on this topic in an interview. She was asked about whom she would like to face at Wrestlemania when she stated it would definitely be Asuka. Not only she would like to take on her in singles competition but also be the one to end the undefeated streak. These were her comments from the SiriusXM Stars’ Conversations with Maria Menounos. (courtesy wrestlingINC.com)

“I want to wrestle Asuka; I want to break her streak. We’ve never faced each other, never been in a multi-woman match. I feel her coming from Japan and having her own legacy, and coming from a completely different culture, and then my background, I think it’s definitely a WrestleMania moment. So that’s who I would like to face.”


When it comes to Charlotte Flair, it is evident that questions will be there regarding Ronda Rousey who is now officially a WWE Raw superstar. A match between these two ladies has always been a dream match for the fans with Wrestlemania implications written all over it.

But, The Queen of the WWE wanted to go slow while the context of the former UFC Bantamweight Champion came in the interview. She mentioned Ronda Rousey had to prove her potential in the squared circle, first before she gets to lock horns with the four-time WWE Women’s Champion.


Charlotte Flair also sounded positive about Ronda’s inclusion to the women’s roster will certainly bring more audience to the WWE programming. Check out the comments while asked about her willingness to take the mainstream sports star under her wings,

“100 percent. I haven’t had that opportunity. I’m on Smackdown right now, and she’s been on Raw, but I hope in the future. I think all the women would be willing to take her under their wing and show her the ropes. Ronda’s a star and an attraction, and with her coming to be a part of the women’s division, obviously, it brings more eyes on the women’s division, not just our audience.”

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