WWE News: Chris Jericho Responded to Criticism Over Chris Benoit Tribute

Arindam Paul / 13 January 2018

In case you don’t know, Chris Jericho was quite busy in recent times with the very first in-ring appearances in Japan. After parting ways with the WWE, last year he wanted to make a deal with the NXT roster. However, that did not come to fruition, and he deiced to go to the eastern region to deliver a marquee match against Kenny Omega.

It happened in one of the main events at the Wrestle Kingdom 12 PPV at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. The match was one-of-a-kind for the fans that got contested for the IWGP United States Champion. Being a true veteran in the pro-wrestling circuit, he put over the reigning champion digesting a loss. But, the match was must-see for all of the Jerichoholics.

Before the match, the six-time world champion posted on his Instagram account that he is willing to dedicate this excellent match out of the WWE to his former friends, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. If you were a fan of the WWE back in the Ruthless Aggression Era, you are aware of these two names those were bonafide performers.

But, both of them has been part of a controversial death. Eddie lost his life dealing with drug issues, whereas, Benoit murdered his wife and son before committing suicide. WWE has always wanted to stay out of controversy and never acknowledged these things later on WWE TV.


The wrestling world, too, has different opinions with these two. So, while Jericho dedicated the match to these late greats, there were several negative comments on the social media. Ryan Satin of Pro-wrestling Sheet was the one to point out the crime committed by Benoit raising bad blood with Y2J.

Jericho had not taken these words, lightly, at all and here’s what the veteran had to offer from his side defending the actions:

“I get a couple of smart-ass remarks here for an Instagram post that I put up of this great fan art that somebody drew of me, with kind of the spirits of Eddie and Benoit behind me, and I said I dedicate the match to those guys.

Yeah, I know what Chris did, I think about it every single day. I was involved more than anyone of you are so trusting me. I understand the horrible, horrible events that took place. I’ll never forgive it, I’ll never understand it, but I have my reasons for doing what I’m doing.”

Being two of the old friends, Jericho shared a strong bond with Benoit. It is known only to him and not anybody else. So, they should stay out of his business and respect the tribute given by the former world champion.