WWE News: Daniel Bryan Gives An Interesting Update On His Career

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Gives An Interesting Update On His Career

Daniel Bryan
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Daniel Bryan had to be on a mandatory hiatus from wrestling for over two years due to WWE forcing him into retirement back in 2016. But he came back to action prior to Wrestlemania 34 and since then he is carrying the Smackdown brand on his shoulder. This is why he held the WWE Championship for a long time before dropping it to Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania 35.

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An injury scare broke out around him after that night. But thankfully, he is back in action yet again and WWE made him the Smackdown tag team champions just after coming back. During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, one half of the Planet’s Tag Team Champions, Daniel Bryan spoke on a number of topics. It included his love of pro-wrestling where he made an interesting claim.

Pro-wrestlers retire in general between 40 to 45 or more depending on how their body reacts. Daniel Bryan received the question about hanging up his boost when he stated he plans not to do so. For him, wrestling is the only passion that he has and he could go inside the ring even at the age of 70 if his employer permits him.

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Daniel Bryan claimed that people may find him inside a squared circle before the day he dies,

“There are people who say, ‘I only want to do this for three or four more years,’ or ‘I only want to do this until I’m 45,’ No. I want to do this until I’m 70. Months before I die, I want to be doing a wrestling show.”

The Grand Slam Champion of the WWE also spoke on his Wrestlemania rival Kofi Kingston during the interview. While talking about the fairytale run of the current champion, he pointed out how Kofi had to wait 11 years to touch his dream since he never thought that way. Kofi continued to wrestle in the mid-card picture and never dreamt of it whereas Daniel Bryan had the main event dream from the get-go,

“A difference between Kofi and me is that Kofi has been content for 11 years to sit there and then wait to be given opportunities. From the second I came into WWE, my mission statement was, ‘I am here to main-event WrestleMania, I am here to become WWE champion, and I am here to be the best.’ You never heard Kofi Kingston say that.”

As mentioned earlier, Daniel Bryan is the “The Planet’s Tag Team Champions” with Erick Rowan. He is now having a mission to put WWE’s tag team division on a map with great in-ring competitions. His unthinkable idea is to take the tag division to such heights that WWE might host a main-event featuring them,

“The WWE tag team division is the best that it’s ever been as far as the matches,” said Bryan. “The matches between the New Day and the Usos, The Bar, The Revival, they’re all fantastic. But there’s all this big hullabaloo about the women main-eventing WrestleMania. How come no one is talking about tag teams main-eventing WrestleMania?” (all quotes are via Sports Illustrated)