WWE News: Daniel Bryan Medically Cleared To Compete In The WWE

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Medically Cleared To Compete In The WWE

After years of speculations around the in-ring return of Daniel Bryan in a WWE ring to compete in a match, again, it finally happened. On last night’s episode of Smackdown Live, we were officially notified that the leader of the YES movement would be able to wrestle with the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world. On the opening segment, the GM of Smackdown confirmed that he is eyeing to wear in-ring gears, as much as possible.

Afterwards, WWE.com released an official statement alluding the procedures how the unthinkable happened,
“Following more than two years of extensive evaluations, four-time World Champion Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to return to in-ring competition by leading neurosurgeons, neurologists and concussion experts, including Dr. Robert Cantu, Dr. Javier Cárdenas, and Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher.

Bryan underwent a full review of his medical history and received comprehensive neurological and physical evaluations independent of WWE. He was cleared by each doctor as well as WWE’s Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Maroon.”

When it comes to the retirement of Daniel Bryan, WWE has undergone a lot of turmoil with it. The former world champion was dealing with a neck injury since 2014 just at a time when he was top of the business by main-eventing Wrestlemania 30. But, with this injury growing, he was having troubles while competing in matches.

In general, neck concussion is being considered as the most sensitive injury that can be picked up by a pro-wrestler. In the past, we have seen legendary names like Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more taking retirement owing to such issues. Another relevant example of the same is Nikki Bella who is dealing with same issues since 2015. Due to this, WWE was forced to make her a part-time wrestler on the roster despite her being one of the biggest attractions on WWE TV.


The same happened with her brother-in-law, as well in 2016 when WWE had no choice but to let Daniel Bryan announce his retirement from his home state of Washington. Most of the doctors gave him a clean-chit to wrestle, but WWE possesses a strict policy on these kinds of concussions.

But, after sticking to their terms, the medical team of the WWE finally decided to allow the most popular superstar of their generation inside a WWE ring. This came at an interesting time when Wrestlemania 34 is merely three weeks away. So, it is likely that we will see him competing at the grandest stage of them all, yet again.