Dean Ambrose was moved to Monday Night Raw during the Superstar Shakeup. He is the reigning Intercontinental champion and brought the title to the flagship show. In turn, the other mid card title, United States championship and the holder, Kevin Owens was shifted to Smackdown Live.

Now, it was quite a surprise to see Ambrose back on the flagship show. The rumour mill had no idea about this one coming. Another big name who followed him on his way Raw was The Miz and currently, they are brewing a rivalry to have a future title match which might take place at the Payback.

Now, for quite sometimes now, Dena Ambrose is not the talk of the town, anymore. Ever since he captured the IC title, he fell victim to thin storylines and lost the main eventer status. Now that he is on Raw, he should continue to be in the same spot. Apparently, there’s a strong reason behind it.

The topic was nurtured on the recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio where Dave Meltzer noted that Ambrose is considered as a lazy performer by the creative. This led him to his degradation in comparison to last year.

Meltzer pointed out the segment from this week’s Raw where The Miz took the mic to blast The Lunatic Fringe with some strong words. He claimed that the IC titleholder has become lazy and complacent. Apparently, these are the actual words of the WWE officials who don’t have in store a push reserved for him due to the exact same reason.

The A-lister also pointed out the fact that Ambrose was not even the part of the Wrestlemania main show, whereas, he was the first draft pick for Smackdown Live, last year. He was also the undisputed WWE champion heading into Summerslam 2016.

As per the veteran wrestling journalist, these words were put into Miz’ mouth since at least somebody from the creative does think the same way. He also stated that there might be a backstage heat ongoing with Ambrose after he tied the knot with Renee Young, secretly.

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