The current WWE World champion, Dean Ambrose has appeared on the Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, recently. Ambrose was at his very best on the show like he always does inside a WWE ring. He was cool as a cucumber but at the same time continued with his lunatic activity. Looking the Lunatic Fringe laying back put Stone old in furious mode and he took a shot to the champion.

In the very end of the interview, Stone Cold suggested Ambrose rest back on his laurels but to be edgier and raise the bar further. Ambrose was quick to react and went straight to accept that he was offended by that comments. Stone Cold then proceeded to say that he feels that Ambrose is comfortable with what he has accomplished so far. Instead of laying back he should look to accomplish more in which Ambrose replied that he was put on doing horrible things in past but he liked it.

The very next night Smackdown Live General Manager, Daniel Bryan appeared on the WWE Network special, “Talking Smack” conducted by Renee Young, Dean Ambrose’s girlfriend. They discussed Ambrose and Stone Cold’s remarks from the show. Bryan had his own opinion by saying that he does not feel that Ambrose is resting. Rather, he had done “craziest things” before WWE and he deserves some lay back after achieving the most coveted prize in the sports entertainment.
The “craziest staff” referred to here are what Dean Ambrose has done in the Indies prior to his stint in the WWE. Under the ring name of Jon Moxley, he has performed in some hardcore stuff there. The Indie fans often compared him to the ECW legend, Terry Funk.

Bryan concluded by saying, “Dean Ambrose doesn’t need Steve Austin to motivate him to be better. He’s motivated himself for a very, very long time. Just because he sits across the desk from you and he’s laid back, doesn’t mean that out there, you should take him lightly.

A lot of the guys on Raw are lazy because they are complacent and their managers are not as good as the SmackDown live managers.”


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