WWE News: Details on Spine Condition That is Forcing Paige to Retire

Arindam Paul / 19 January 2018

A neck injury is considered to be the most severe one that one wrestler can pick up. Over the years, there have been numerous instances where we had seen superstars who were forced to retire owing to their spinal condition that connects to the nerves. Sometimes, this squid stops flowing to the brain affecting normal hand movement for the concerned one.

WWE Hall of Famer, Edge is the top-most example of such an injury who had no choice but to retire from the WWE at a point when he was the reigning world champion. Back in 2011, he relinquished the championship live on WWE Raw which is considered to be one of the most emotional moments of all time.

Names like Daniel Bryan, Nikki Bella, Stone Cold Steve Austin have suffered from a neck or rather spinal concussion. Paige might be the latest induction to the list whose career is said to over after damaging her neck which was already bruised. She had hurt the spine really bad that caused it to get bent to a certain extent.

According to the reports from SportsKeeda.com, the youngest Divas Champion in the WWE is suffering from scoliosis. It is a three-dimensional aberration that causes a curve on the spine of more or less 10 degrees. The straight structure gets altered starting from the person’s spinal axis.

Early detection of this type of issue can get resolved. However, Paige is said to be dealing with this for the last couple of years.

In addition, she had also started wrestling after her comeback to the company which might have worsened things, already. So, the source ruled out any chance to see her back in the squared circle,

“The condition, if detected in the early stages of its onset, can be corrected to near-perfection by bracing, physical and dietary rehab as well as annual or more desirably quarterly monitoring. Besides, when it comes to taking bumps in the ring, a severe case of this disorder would absolutely disallow the person from any sort of strenuous physical activity whatsoever.”

Going through this, you can understand that there’s no chance to see her in a wrestling capacity, anymore. Instead, WWE might use her in some other roles present in the company. Furthermore, we might also expect a retirement announcing from the anti-Diva, sooner.