There are quite a handful number of WWE superstars who can claim to have a colourful life.

Dolph Ziggler certainly belongs to them. During his entire career, he has been linked to various female superstars of WWE. Even outside the promotion, he was linked to other celebrities, as well. Being a playboy character certainly, means controversy and this time he was gunned by an Internet sensation.

Trisha Paytas is a Youtube celebrity in the United States of America. She literally ripped of Dolph Ziggler by taking numerous shot to him. In a recently posted video on her Youtube channel, she claimed that the show-off stood her up on date night. Not only that, she also revealed that they did have a one night stand.

This internet celebrity continuously keeps her fans updated with her daily life activities as well as who she encounters, every day. On such a note, she came up with the mention of Dolph Ziggler. She even stated Ziggler as “f**kboy” while blasting him off.

While talking about her experience with Ziggler, she claimed to have a disgusting experience after the show-off decided to stand her up for a date. They even had a one night stand which turned out to be a bad experience, as well. Here are her words:

“He’s not that hot and honestly I can’t remember the sex so it must’ve not been that good.”

She also went on a rant claiming that pro-wrestling is totally fake. This led the fans to get outrageous towards her. This is what she had to offer for the wrestling industry:

“Wrestling’s f***ing fake. He’s a 37-year-old man who’s not a God, who is leaving wrestling soon anyway.”

The fans of the WWE did not take these comments lightly and expressed their views stating that everyone knows that pro-wrestling is fake. But, that does not steal the credit from a veteran that Ziggler is in the WWE.

When it comes to the show-off, he’s been dating a lot of WWE female superstars to the likes of Nikki Bella, AJ Lee, Lana, Kelly Kelly and more. The list also comprises of Hollywood celebrity, Amy Schumer. He is yet to make any response on the brewing matter.

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