WWE News: Dolph Ziggler Became the New Intercontinental Champion

WWE News: Dolph Ziggler Became the New Intercontinental Champion on RAW

Seth Rollins defended the Intercontinental Champion successfully on Sunday Night. He faced Elias to deliver a solid contest to entertain the fans.

In the end, it was him to stand tall with the title in hand. There are no doubts that this man made the championship prestigious than ever. So we expected to see a long championship run for him.

But the reality turned out to be different. It looks like that the creative team already made plans to take the Intercontinental Championship away from him. They announced a match for him against Dolph Ziggler. It did force him to drop the title just one night later of the PPV.

Monday Night Rollins was present on WWE Raw to entertain the fans once again. His body was hurt after the brutal match on MITB PPV. But he cared the least about it. Nobody is prouder than him to carry the Intercontinental Championship around the waist. Hence he issued the IC title open challenge on the show.

Dolph Ziggler accepted the challenge as expected. Drew McIntyre accompanied him to the ring giving favour to his partner. The match turned out to be a back and forth encounter. Rollins gained the upper hand for momentarily after connecting with a superkick to Ziggler.

He set his opponent up for the Curb Stomp wanting to finish the Intercontinental Championship match early. But Drew McIntyre tried to interfere distracting Rollins’ attention. The champion shoved McIntyre away from the ring and come up with a roll up for Ziggler. But the show-off reversed it to get the sudden pinfall win.

It was a shocker for the crowd to see that Seth Rollins lost the Intercontinental Championship. He was playing the role of a prime champion in the absence of Brock Lesnar from the scene. This stint came to an abrupt halt, as Ziggler pulled off this shocker.

He has now become a six-time Intercontinental Champion in his career. The surprising win put an end to the glorious championship run for the Architect that continued for 72 days.

We heard him in an interview following the devastating loss. He might be invoking the rematch clause as early as possible against Ziggler. It will take place on next week’s episode of WWE Raw.